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1 February 2019

Making every part count

Business Advice | 3 minute read

For many field service businesses there’s normally one recurring issue, an issue that can no longer be ignored, that prompts the leap from paper & spreadsheets to business management software. It’s usually either financial, operational or procedural, but when an issue spans all three the need for change becomes business critical.

Missing parts is commonly one of these issues. Losing parts means losing money, wasting time on tracking down parts and unnecessary visits to suppliers to source replacements. simPRO minimises this issue by efficiently monitoring the value, quantity, and location of all your stock items.

Every part accounted for

As a business grows so too does the volume of jobs being processed. More jobs means more parts being ordered but when a part is delivered, how do you know what job that part is allocated to and who needs that part in their van to carry out the job?

What about the price for those parts? Are they accurate according to your latest supplier price list? This is where a proper business management tool such as simPRO sets itself apart from a smaller, simple job management system.

Manage stock profitably

Monitoring the value, quantity, and location of your stock items is possible with simPRO. You’ll always have the right materials available in your inventory and for each jobs.

By importing supplier catalogues with accurate pricing, quoting for a job is easy. Parts can quickly be identified and assigned to the job. Any parts that aren’t in stock, either on the engineer’s van or in the warehouse, can be ordered and the necessary purchase order can be raised. When the parts are delivered, the order can be receipted in simPRO, and the stock is automatically assigned to the relevant job and engineer ready for the job to be carried out.

On-the-job ordering

Many businesses find that some of their parts go missing when used ad-hoc on jobs. This is where the engineer gets to site, finds the job is slightly different so uses parts available on the van. The additional parts used don’t then get assigned to the job. Not only does this mean the stock doesn’t get charged, but it also means that the profitability on the job looks much better than it really is!

Using simPRO’s mobile app, engineers can easily add stock items to a job from the field before it is invoiced.

Supplier price discrepancy

How many times do the prices of your parts change? Have you been overcharged or undercharged by a supplier - or do you not even know? simPRO has over 60 reports built in to provide complete transparency of the business. One of the most powerful reports for managing stock is the Price Discrepancies Report.

This report displays items on supplier invoices with price discrepancies due to credits, updated pricing, or overcharging or undercharging compared to the purchase order or catalogue prices.

With complete control of your stock, simPRO can quickly start to pay for itself.

To find out more visit simprogroup.com or call 0800 622 6376.

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