Simpro Talks: Ngaire Mansfield of Straight Flush Plumbing

Straight Flush was founded by Managing Director, Ngaire Mansfield, and her husband Jeremy. It was a bumpy start in the first couple of years of business, but that’s to be expected while you’re finding your feet right? Now they’re thirteen years into their Simpro journey and going from strength to strength!

Mansfield talks to us about how the business started, the struggles they faced from the offset and what it’s like working with your husband so closely. Juggling the daily processes of business is a task in itself, and fortunately Mansfield has nurtured their relationship with external stakeholders. Such as lawyers, accountants and bankers that help Straight Flush to continue operating day-to-day. What does Mansfield think the future of the plumbing industry looks like?

Want to learn more about Straight Flush journey with Simpro? Read their full case study.

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