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simPRO and Opsivity

Connect your field staff to Opsivity to help resolve technical issues in the field faster

Transform how support is delivered to your field teams with Opsivity

Do your technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience? Are you hoping to leverage that experience when it comes to training and upskilling new staff members? The field service industry is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled field staff, due to retiring staff and difficulty in training new employees. Opsivity can help.

The Opsivity and simPRO integration allows your field staff to raise a job and connect quickly and conveniently via the app with a subject matter expert (SME) within your organization to solve issues and finish jobs faster.

Opsivity enables field staff to access and grow problem-solving expertise across their organization to help resolve technical issues in the field faster, reduce costly equipment downtime and improve operational productivity. Opsivity utilizes a unique artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to power its KnowledgeBase capability, which stores helpful expertise such as operational procedures, checklists, articles and previous solutions which are all made available to technicians in the field. Opsivitiy’s active KnowledgeBase is combined with advanced and easy-to-use, real-time collaborative features that intelligently locate and connect a field staff, via either chat or video call, to a SME within their organization based on the technician’s location or equipment they are servicing.

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Support your field staff faster

Access a 360 degree view of all technician activities in one place and connect support tickets to job and work orders. After creating a support ticket in Opsivity, use the integration to track details and create a task in the related job or work order in simPRO. The task can be used to request support from a SME within your organization. From there, all support activities can be viewed in simPRO. And, when the Opsivity ticket is resolved, the task status is updated in simPRO.

Train, upskill and retain your technicians and their knowledge with Opsivity.

Learn more about Opsivity here.

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