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July 14, 2020

Is everything as you left it? Use simPRO IoT to track your assets

Business Advice | 3 minute read

Protect critical building infrastructure with IoT even if the building is unoccupied.

The recent pandemic has meant that many buildings were emptied quickly and have been left empty for longer than expected. Businesses are now heading back to work, however, the question is: Is everything still as you left it? A fault such as a water leak left unnoticed during this time could cause catastrophic damage to a building, resulting in large insurance claims, repairs, and putting a building out of commission for a period of months.

Imagine if, instead of discovering a leak at the point of opening a building, you were alerted to the presence of water early and were able to investigate and fix the issue before it turned into a disaster. Using job management software such as simPRO and the simPRO IoT add-on, field services businesses and facilities management businesses can add sensors and nodes to critical areas of a building to monitor temperature fluctuations, water presence and quality. An IoT solution enables you to maintain your customers’ assets remotely, moving from a break-fix maintenance schedule to condition-based maintenance.

Below are three examples of what you can monitor with IoT to protect unoccupied buildings.

Water quality

After a building has been left empty for any period of time, there is a risk that the water quality may be compromised. Bacteria such as Legionella can manifest within a water system that has not been used for a period of time and, if detected, can prevent that building from being reopened. simPRO’s IoT sensors can monitor and detect abnormalities in water temperature, promptly assess and rectify any issues before any damage is done.

Ambient temperature

Critical areas of a building such as server rooms may still be running when a building needed to be emptied quickly. Staff may still need to access the network while working remotely, which is dependent on the servers working efficiently. However, if a fault occurs and causes a slight temperature increase, servers will be working harder, directly impacting staff connecting from home or elsewhere. By analyzing data received from simPRO’s IoT nodes and sensors, you can determine if the temperature fluctuation is normal or abnormal. If a fault has occurred, you can react instantly to protect the hardware and reduce downtime with no effect on the staff connecting remotely.

Water presence

Water leaks can cause catastrophic damage to a building resulting in large insurance claims and costly repairs. If a building is left unoccupied for any reason over a long period of time it is likely these leaks will go undetected before it is too late. Using the simPRO IoT add-on you can monitor key points within the water system 24/7 and react to any alerts quickly saving time and protecting the building before any severe damage is done.

Using end-to-end operations management software such as simPRO, you can change the way you maintain your customer’s key assets even when their buildings are unoccupied. With the simPRO IoT add-on you can transform your business offering from break-fix maintenance to condition-based maintenance. This change in service offering can enable you to be more reactive to alerts and save on time on site visits.

Want to find out how simPRO IoT can benefit you and your customers? Visit our dedicated IoT page to learn more.

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