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Simpro IoT

Connect physical assets to digital solutions

Want to keep assets operating at peak condition and discover faults as they happen? Connect your assets to a 360 degree maintenance management solution for remote monitoring and workflow automation.

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Real-time asset data

View the status of connected assets from the Simpro IoT dashboard and create jobs in Simpro for a 360 degree asset maintenance solution.

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Condition-based maintenance

Rather than waiting for an asset to fail, receive fault alerts as they happen through Simpro IoT.

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Integrated job management

Data from IoT sensors flows into your Simpro IoT dashboard, and can be used to automate job creation.

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Hardware Solutions

Manage your assets from anywhere with connected devices

Remotely monitor room temperature and vital equipment temperatures to discover faults and prevent damage. With unique temperature probes, measure temperature variations in chiller rooms, boilers, pipes and other critical machinery to reduce the risk of downtime and protect assets.

Detect the presence of excessive moisture or water from leaks or damaged pipes to protect environments and assets from water damage. Monitor plant room pipes, water systems, chillers and other assets or environments with piping.

Monitor water quality and temperature to detect abnormalities that may lead to the growth of harmful bacteria or damage assets. Maintain optimal conditions in boilers, pipes, water storage systems and other water vessels.

Sustain indoor building wellness and humidity levels by tracking conditions and monitoring air quality for CO, CO2 and VOCs. Keep building occupants comfortable and safe by avoiding dangerous conditions.

Maintain comfort levels and building wellness by remotely monitoring room temperature. Sensors can be placed in leisure spaces, offices, or any other environments where ambient temperature maintenance is necessary.

Maintain AC or electrical current outputs from a device to keep critical assets in optimal condition. Remotely detect issues in current flow to ensure assets are operating properly.

Simpro Devices

Change the way your business manages asset maintenance

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Simpro and O’Brien partner to deliver IoT technology to support CSIRO research

Simpro IoT provides CSIRO with data about energy efficiency and power usage in high rise residential buildings by tracking assets such as lifts, chillers, air conditioning, lights and power in Victoria Point in Docklands, Victoria, Australia.

Custom Solutions

Solutions for unique business requirements

Managing full plant rooms, smart buildings, or environments with multiple assets? Simpro has solutions for you. We can offer a bespoke solution to monitor electrical current outputs, refrigerant pressure, AC currents, or other complex data using a combination of unique nodes and sensors which share information through a gateway into your Simpro build.

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Ready to work smarter with Simpro IoT?

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