‘Twas time for the 2022 Feature Wrap Up

December 21, 2022

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Simpro HQ, all the developers were still working, not even one chair askew. The marketing team’s stockings were hung on their makeshift chimney with care, in hopes that all the product releases were done for the year.

A homemade red fireplace and christmas tree with Simpro Add-Ons labeled stockings attachedNow that the year is winding down and all our customers are taking some much-needed leave, it’s time to recap all the things we’ve achieved.

Okay, enough with the rhyming–for now!

It’s been another massive year at Simpro, with over 25 releases and 74 features and improvements within Simpro itself.

Let’s recap some of the 2022 highlights and how new features released this year can help set you up for success in 2023.

Add-ons all the way

If you haven’t heard, Simpro has a range of Add-ons that can improve your experience and create an even more robust end-to-end solution for your business. There are Add-ons for all of your needs, from Data Automation, Estimation, Fleet Tracking and even IoT sensors. But let’s shine the light on some of the Add-ons that really stole the spotlight this year.

Takeoffs floor plan with two illustrated men measuring with pencil and rulerTakeoffs 2.0 is a huge hit! Packed with features, including a symbol recognition tool, plan upload wizard, arc tool, and more.This wouldn’t have been possible without the feedback you provided- so thank you! We love hearing how something we’ve created really does improve our customers' work. Here’s what Steve Frame of AFB Electrical has to say about Takeoffs 2.0.

“Takeoffs 2.0 works for me in the real world. The symbol recognition is second to none and a huge time saver because it can pick up the symbol regardless of its orientation. I’ll never go back to what I was doing before. It’s a game changer.” - Steve Frame, Senior Estimator, AFB Electrical

Another Add-on that’s seen major improvements in 2022 is Data Feed. One of those improvements is Audit Logs, which allow you to see which feeds have passed or failed and why, plus who most recently made changes, so you know who to go to when something stops working. We’ve also added the ‘Create a Receipt’ feed and added more ways to extract data so that your feeds fit within your workflows and are as unique as your business.

IoT also received some holiday cheer, with updates including access to new reports, dashboards and an improved user interface– plus an update to SMS notifications.

Ideas that sleigh

We’ve implemented over 80 ideas from the Ideas Portal, and we had a whopping 3262 votes across all of those new ideas.

You wanted more control over your forms. This means more templates, a wider variety of fields you can add to your form and even an easier way to preview the form once you’re finished building it. Compliance certificates for asset testing were also high on your list.

You can now also save time by receiving scheduled reports. Get the reports you need, when you need them, in the format that works for your company. By setting up a scheduled report, you can get organized ahead of time and set yourself up for success as a result.

A colorful infographic outlining the stats from the ideas portal in 2022

Deck the halls with Integrations

Blue illustrated christmas tree with baubles that are also integration partners

Our NetSuite integration also went live this year, and with an ERP as big as NetSuite, now you’ll be able to take your business to a whole new level!

Honeywell CLSS launched in Australia and New Zealand and was such a hit, that we also rolled it out in the United States and the United Kingdom. For those of you that missed this, Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) now integrates with Simpro to automate key defect quoting workflows to help your fire protection business improve efficiency, compliance and customer service. Honeywell CLSS is a powerful cloud-based platform that provides remote insights and control over Honeywell Notifier panels and fire safety devices.

Spruce things up with customization

Put these features on the ‘Nice List’. New useful enhancements like ‘bulk import for quotes and leads’, ‘Auto Scheduling of Recurring Jobs’ and a new dashboard in the customer portal are all features guaranteed to save you time this holiday season.

Plus, we’ve improved some aspects of Simpro so that you can customize features on your own, like Form Builder for example. Straight from the Ideas Portal and the highest-voted item, we’ve improved this feature to give you more options to suit your business needs.

While we have really only scratched the surface of all the features and improvements released this year, one thing for sure is that yule be sorry if you missed any of these updates. But have no fear! Catch up on every single improvement and new feature from 2022 in the release notes.

As we’ve come to the end, there’s just one thing left to say,

The holidays are here, and we hope you all take care, take some time for yourself if you’ve got some to spare. While our rhymes might be cheesy, we hope they’re alright. And we’ve finally come to an end, so Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!