3 ways field service businesses use Simpro to increase sales

August 13, 2020

What is the one goal that all field service businesses have in common? To increase sales. There are several ways businesses can boost their customer base such as increasing marketing efforts, offering promotions, requesting business reviews and other sales tactics.

However, with technology driving much of what we do, why not take advantage and use software tools to drive sales? From customer relationship management platforms to job management systems, cloud-based software can offer a variety of benefits when it comes to increasing your customer base and ultimately, increasing your sales.

While Simpro is primarily known for its field service management features, it can also be used as a sales tool. Here are three ways field service businesses are using Simpro to increase sales.

A screenshot of the profitability report in Simpro on a laptop.

Run job profitability reports

Do you know which jobs are costing you more money than you’re making? With the Profit/Loss Job report in Simpro, you can easily see what your business spent on materials and resources for each job, as well as your gross and net profit or loss. As you start to pick up on trends in which jobs or projects are more profitable, you can make the decision to change focus and concentrate your efforts where you can generate more profits and increase your sales.

A screenshot of the quoting feature in Simpro Mobile.

Empower your field staff to make sales on site

In some cases, your field staff interact with customers more than anyone else at your business. You can take advantage of the relationship your field staff have with customers, and give them the tools to provide quotes for additional service and other upsells while at a job site. Your field staff can use the Quote & Sales feature in Simpro Mobile to present professional quotes, invoice customers and collect payment all from a tablet or mobile device.

Cost jobs with greater accuracy to improve bidding

A screenshot of costing features in Simpro on a laptop.

Simpro allows you to break down your jobs and projects into cost centers within the system. The organized cost centers and the increased visibility into how much time and resources it takes to complete your jobs and projects helps you to cost your jobs more accurately and, in turn, generate more accurate bids.

Reporting tools, mobile quoting and job costing features are a small piece of the full puzzle that makes Simpro such an efficient field service management software platform. Visit the Simpro website to learn more about how Simpro can help you increase sales, improve operational efficiency and grow your field service business.