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28 January 2022

January Release: Kickstart 2022 with New simPRO Updates

Product Update | 3 minute read

Author: Jeremy Chuang

As a former engineer, Jeremy knows that many people do not understand how the beautiful minds of geeks are functioning. So he jumped to the marketing side and became the medium to help ordinary people understand the beauty of technology. Outside the office, he loves playing video games with his family, sipping wine with his wife, or answering his son’s non-stop questions like Wikipedia.

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Chinese zodiac Year of the Tiger! While everyone was enjoying holidays, our simPRO developers were preparing feature updates that will help you kickstart your business and make the loudest roar in 2022. The January release includes the following updates:

Import Recurring Jobs to Reduce Repetitive Tasks

You may have jobs that require you to visit a site frequently and perform a task repeatedly. From now on, simPRO can help you save time by importing recurring jobs in bulk. Say goodbye to repetition!

Bulk Import payment to remove manual individual entries

Laptop with multiple ways of transaction We have made payments faster for your finance team with the new bulk payments import feature. This removes manual individual entries if payments have already been processed by the bank. You can also quickly bulk import the payment details back into simPRO. Just remember to make sure that the relevant invoices are already in simPRO before you import payments.

Bulk Update to Manage More Assets

When business is booming and you’re juggling a large amount of clients and their assets, it can be time consuming updating assets in your system. But, thanks to a new update, you can now save time by bulk updating assets based on custom field values like barcodes, tag number or other internal references, rather than on the internal Asset ID..

View Response Times in BI Reporting for Greater Insights

Compilation of reports can answer key questions for business success. And, in this release we’re helping you gain even more information about your business by adding another compilation capability. Now you can create custom reports in BI Reporting that include response times. Use this update to discover how your response times are tracking and implement changes where needed to optimise your processes.

Quickly and Easily View Attachments

Laptop with attachmentsWant to quickly see how many attachments are contained within a record? Now you can, and, you don’t even need to open a tab or individual folders. This update allows you to view the total number of attachments from the Attachments tab in all areas of simPRO.

Access to the NetSuite Integration Now Available

Oracle Netsuite simPRO can now be integrated with NetSuite! We know when expanding your field service business, it’s key to have a good financial management tool like NetSuite. Thanks to this integration you can now import Customers and Suppliers from NetSuite and regularly export financial transactions such as invoices and payments directly to NetSuite.

Smiling tiger roaring

Let’s Hear Your Roaring Success in 2022

The Year of Tiger represents strength and braveness. We hope that you’ll find some of these new features and improvements helpful. simPRO will always be with you, developing more features to give your business strength to challenge the market. It takes lots of courage to continually run a business especially during a pandemic, and simPRO will do everything to help you succeed.

With every release, there are other improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for January in our Help Guide for 22.1.1 and 22.1.2 (available from 30th of January AEST).

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