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"I didn't want other people to have to go through the heartache of becoming a slave to their business. I saw an opportunity for Vaughan and I to try to create a solution together."

Stephen Bradshaw, simPRO Executive Director & Co-Founder

Like all great software companies, simPRO started in a garage.

In 2002 Stephen Bradshaw was a hard-working electrical contractor running his own small business and trying to figure out how to scale up.

After relying on paper-based workflows for years he decided there had to be a better way. That’s when he met Vaughan McKillop, an engineering student who had a talent for building software.

simPRO (which stands for Service Industry Management Professional) was a cloud-based solution from the beginning. Starting with the development of job list functionality, the pair quickly moved on to creating a scheduling tool for allocating resources. Using Steve’s business as a test case, they quickly developed new features and the software continued to grow.

Steve Bradshaw and Vaugn McKillop

As Steve's electrical business began to expand, with the help of simPRO, they quickly realised they'd created a solution which could help other businesses.

The desire to create useful tools for businesses has seen simPRO grow from a two man operation to a global software company with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

While we no longer work from a garage, our passion for helping all businesses scale and optimise their operations remains at the heart of what we do.

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simPRO Leadership

Headshot of Sean Diljore

Sean Diljore

Chief Executive Officer, Director & Executive Chairman

Headshot of Stephen Bradshaw

Stephen Bradshaw

Executive Director

Headshot of Curtis Thomson

Curtis Thomson

Executive Director

Headshot of Benjamin Levin

Benjamin Levin

Partner, Level Equity

Headshot of Charles Chen

Charles Chen

Principal, Level Equity

Headshot of Sean Diljore

Sean Diljore

Chief Executive Officer, Director & Executive Chairman

Headshot of Jonathan Eastgate

Jonathan Eastgate

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Rob Ormond

Rob Ormond

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Alan Bignell

Alan Bignell

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Rhiza Lahoylahoy

Rhiza Lahoylahoy

Vice President Finance

Headshot of Peter Darley

Peter Darley

General Manager

Headshot of Karla Byrnes

Karla Byrnes

Head of Marketing ANZ

Headshot of Geoff Wass

Geoff Wass

National Support Manager

Headshot of Jim Hardy

Jim Hardy

Sales Manager

Headshot of Kevin Vellnagel

Kevin Vellnagel

Account Management Team Leader

Headshot of Gwynne Hewitt

Gwynne Hewitt

National Training Manager

Headshot of Hayley Roberts

Hayley Roberts

Administration Manager

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