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The top informational resources for HVAC contractors

2nd Nov 2020

Whether you want to stay on top of industry trends or learn what other successful HVAC businesses are doing, having the willingness to learn is key. In fact, the best way to grow as a professional is to have an open mind and learn from those around you.

To help you dive into some learning opportunities, we’ve put together a list of the top HVAC industry publications and podcasts. School is in session!

1. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine

This publication shares the latest updates in cooling technology. Read about industry advancements and legislation issues so you can stay up-to-date on the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

2. PHAM News

Everything you want to know about plumbing, heating and air movement industry news, you can find in this magazine. Each editorial provides news about new products, legislation updates, views on traditional and renewable systems and other insights you don’t want to miss. Plus, if you work in the industry, you are eligible for a free print copy.

3. Heating Ventilating & Plumbing Magazine

Want to stay ahead of your competitors? Then check out HVP magazine for the latest industry news and insights. This print and digital publication has been in circulation since 1979 and highlights legislative changes, new technology and business best practices.

4. ACR News

Product updates, supplier highlights, energy news and HVAC industry trends can all be found in this online resource and print publication. Subscribe to the ACR News magazine and e-newsletter for exclusive insights into all things HVAC.

5. The Future of HVAC

Looking for a podcast with discussions on HVAC advancements and innovations that are changing the industry? Subscribe to The Future of HVAC podcast hosted by H&V News.

6. HVAC School

If you’re an HVAC professional and you’d like to upskill, definitely take the time to listen to this podcast. These episodes provide conversations about the industry, recorded HVAC training and interviews with professionals.

7. HVAC Masters of the Hustle

Ready to learn the secrets to running a successful HVAC business? This podcast features conversations with HVAC professionals who have high closing rates and strong business leadership skills. Gain tips on how to cater to your customers, increase profits and start your own HVAC business.

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