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31 May 2021

Enhanced Data Collection with Data Feed

Does your field service business take advantage of the Data Feed Add-On to automate data collection and processing? If the answer is yes, then get excited about the all new Data Feed experience following the latest update. We’ve enhanced the way you extract data, automate tasks, autofill forms and monitor data with a fresh look and some handy new functionality.

A heightened experience of Data Feed

Enjoy a fresher look when setting up emails and attachments to automatically generate new workflows in your simPRO build.

Extract data from more fields

Include even more information when extracting data to populate in simPRO, including due dates and customer addresses when creating a new customer from a lead, quote or job. There is also a new data extraction setting allowing the invoice total to be extracted, alleviating any possible tax discrepancies that could occur.

Clearer feeds

Feeds are set up by simPRO to define how data is extracted when using Data Feed, including what data is extracted from which emails and attached documents, and which workflows are generated in simPRO based on that data. Following our latest update to Data Feed, feeds of your business data have been improved to include even more information, including a feed type column to provide clear indication of what the feed is for.

Learn more about the improved Data Feed experience here via the simPRO Learning Help Guide.

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