Scaling Success: Shaffer Beacon Mechanical's Journey with Simpro and Community Involvement

In this podcast David Hrdlicka and Brent Davenport of Shaffer Beacon Mechanical share their company's growth story, the transformative impact of Simpro‌ and their commitment to community involvement and trade education. Join us as we explore the key highlights and takeaways from their insightful conversation.

Growing with Simpro

Implementing Simpro proved instrumental in Shaffer Beacon Mechanical's expansion. Starting with just 12 employees, their team has now grown to around 50. Simpro played a crucial role in integrating acquisitions seamlessly, enabling quicker processes and smoother operations. Real-time information access and streamlined quoting became a reality, contributing to enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Overcoming Technological Challenges

Transitioning from paper-based systems to digital solutions wasn't without hurdles. Shaffer Beacon Mechanical faced the task of guiding older employees, accustomed to traditional methods, into adopting new technologies. However, their dedication and perseverance paid off. The company witnessed improved efficiency and flexibility once the team embraced the digital transformation, leveraging the full potential of Simpro.

Fostering Community Engagement and Trade Education:

David Hrdlicka and Brent Davenport strongly believe in community involvement and trade education. They actively participate in local organizations, boards‌ and schools, advocating for trade careers. Recognizing the need to reach students at an early stage, they emphasize exposing middle schoolers to trade opportunities. With their apprenticeship program and commitment to nurturing talent, they contribute to the growth and development of future tradespeople.

Insights Unveiled

  • Shaffer Beacon Mechanical experienced substantial growth, expanding to 50 employees across two locations.
  • Simpro's integration capabilities facilitated a smooth transition during acquisitions, improving data management.
  • Simpro Enterprise and Simpro Mobile serve as the foundation for the company's operations.
  • Job-level net income measurement via Simpro enables effective profitability management.
  • The apprenticeship program at Shaffer Beacon Mechanical fosters trade education and career growth.
  • David and Brent actively engage in community organizations, serving as catalysts for local progress.

In Their Words

Reflecting on their journey, David and Brent offer valuable insights. They highlight the importance of integrating acquisitions through Simpro, adaptability to new technologies‌ and the need to inspire young minds to consider trade careers. Making informed decisions about career paths based on personal strengths and interests remains pivotal for individuals considering college or trade work.

To wrap it all up…

Shaffer Beacon Mechanical's success story exemplifies the transformative power of Simpro and the impact of community involvement. Through their dedication, adaptability‌ and commitment to trade education, David Hrdlicka and Brent Davenport embody the spirit of growth and support within the industry. Their experiences serve as inspiration for businesses seeking scalable solutions and for individuals exploring trade careers as pathways to personal and professional fulfillment.

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