Simpro Release Highlights: Q4 2023

As we dive headfirst into 2024 - we’re taking a look at our 2023 Q4 releases. Focused on increasing productivity, keeping your customers happy and gaining further insight into your business, Simpro are all about making your operations more efficient.

Join Bill, as he talks you through some of the top releases from Q4 2023 and breaks down how each of them can help you. From streamlining job processes, to payments made easier for your customers. It’s all in there.

If you’re a business that uses a lot of one-off items in Simpro Premium, we’ve made creating purchase orders a lot easier. By enabling the option to add a part number or supplier at the same time as creating a one-off item.

Do you struggle to see changes contractors have made within a job? Not anymore with the addition of audit logs for your contractors. Any important changes will be detailed here, so you can keep track of a job’s progress each step of the way. Plus, it’ll even show you when an invoice was issued to your customer.

All of this and a heap more can be discovered, just take a listen to the full episode of Trades, Tools & Talks wherever you get your podcasts, and discover how you can level-up your business with Simpro.

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