Simpro Talks: Phil Smith Strategy Coach of Profitable Tradie

We sat down with Phil Smith, strategy coach at Profitable Tradie in 2022. We’re revisiting the episode today where Smith gives his seven tips on working less and earning more.

As a partner of Simpro, Smith helps businesses to remain profitable and grow within their industry. Listen to some of the warning signs to look out for within your own behaviours and how to navigate those for a positive change. Are you regularly checking your workflows to keep your business efficient? Do they empower your work force? These are some of the questions you should be asking.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of a plan when implementing any type of change within your business. Smith takes you through some of the steps you should look at, areas to focus on and how important running regular health checks around your business can be.

Hear from one example of a Profitable Tradie customer who grew his business from a one-man band, to a hugely successful venture using Smith’s help. For further information about Profitable Tradie you can visit their website for all of their contact details.

Listen to the full episode of Trades, Tools & Talks wherever you get your podcasts, and discover how you can level-up your business with Simpro.

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