Exploring Success in Trade Work: Art of Smart's Social Media Strategies and Training Academy

In the latest episode of Trades, Tools & Talks, host Karlie Huckels dives into an insightful conversation with Rich, the owner of Art of Smart, along with Cameron, the media manager, and Craig, the social media executive. This engaging podcast episode uncovers the secrets behind Art of Smart's remarkable growth, their social media strategies‌ and the establishment of their renowned training academy.

Key Takeaway 1: Successful Integration of Social Media and Business Software

Discover how Art of Smart leveraged social media engagement and smart business management software, like Simpro, to expand their team and establish their niche in the market. Rich shares his insights on the importance of building a strong brand reputation and how they used technology to systemize their business operations. If you want to learn how social media and software can drive your trade business forward, this episode is a must-listen.

Key Takeaway 2: The Power of In-House Training and Ongoing Learning

Art of Smart's in-house training school, the Art of Smart Academy, has been instrumental in their success. Rich discusses the extensive training they provided to over 200 contractors, who now form part of their partner network. In addition, their online learning academy has reached more than 500 people worldwide. Tune in to learn how investing in training and fostering a learning community can transform your trade business.

Key Takeaway 3: The Importance of Reputation and Customer Relationships

Art of Smart emphasizes the significance of maintaining a solid reputation and building strong customer relationships. Rich shares his mantra of “reputation over profit” and explains how this philosophy has guided their business decisions. Discover how their commitment to reputation extends to their partner network, where they prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust and loyalty.

Insights Surfaced:

Throughout the episode, you'll gain valuable insights into Art of Smart's approach, including their focus on authenticity and personality in social media. The benefits of using Simpro for managing jobs and financial data‌ and their marketing strategies tailored to end-users. The episode also highlights their global reach through the online training academy and the importance of data-driven decision-making in marketing.

Join Karlie Huckels and the team from Art of Smart as they share their experiences and expertise, providing a wealth of knowledge for trade professionals looking to grow their businesses.

Don't miss out on this eye-opening episode of Trades, Tools & Talks! Tune in to gain actionable insights and inspiration for your trade business.

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