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20 September 2019

simPRO Update: Contractor Invoicing and Work Order Attachments

Product Update | 3 minute read

Contractor management takes centre stage in the next release. Rolling out from September 22, the update introduces attachments for Contractor Invoices and Work Orders while also enhancing Contractor Invoicing workflows. In addition, the update will prevent incorrect CIS tax rates being applied during bulk invoicing for UK customers.

Contractor Invoice and Work Order Attachments

This year simPRO has resolved over 180 customer Ideas Portal suggestions, and with this update, we’re ticking another off the list. With 304 votes, the ability to add attachments to Work Orders is one of your “Top 10” ideas!

Adding Attachments

Adding Attachments icon

The option to upload Work Order attachments will make it easier for you to share important attachments such as plans, manuals and photos with contractors. And Contractor Invoice attachments will allow staff to organise and access invoicing specific attachments in the area that makes the most sense from an accounting perspective!

The new Work Order and Contractor Invoice Attachments tabs provide the same functionality used in other areas of the system. Users can create folders, drag and drop or browse to upload, search for, rename and delete attachments and mark them as “Public” and “Email”. Attachments can also be downloaded as a ZIP file.

PDF copies of the original Work Orders and Contractor Invoices provided to contractors can also be attached from their respective Forms tabs. This will make it easy for staff to make revisions to, or refer back to the original copy.

Attachments can also be quickly accessed without opening the Work Order or Contractor Invoice from the Options menu on the list views.

Emailing Attachments icon

Emailing Attachments

From the Work Order Forms tabs, users will be able to email public Job and Work Order attachments. When emailing from the Contractor Invoice Forms tab, they will be able to send Public Work Order and Contractor Invoice attachments.

Easy Access to Public Attachments

Easy Access to Public Attachments icon

To further enhance simPRO’s attachment features, Public Job and Work Order attachments will be accessible from the Forms tab in other areas of the system.

For instance, Public Job attachments will be displayed within the Work Order Forms tab. Public Work Order attachments will be displayed on the Contractor Invoice Forms tab.

And, to make it easy for contractors to view Work Order attachments in the field, those marked as Public will be accessible through the Contractor Portal.

Invoicing Contractor Work Orders from the Completed Tab

Invoicing Contractor Work Orders from the Completed Tab icon

The workflow for invoicing contractor Work Orders has been streamlined.

Work Orders marked with a Completed status can now be invoiced via the Options menu on the Completed Tab, without having to revert to a Pending status!

A new column named “Remaining” has also been added to the Completed Tab. This helps users to clearly see the amount still to be invoiced on contractor Work Orders.

Prevent bulk invoicing of contractors with different CIS rates

(Available in the United Kingdom only)

New safeguards will ensure our UK customers are withholding the right CIS tax for contractors. During bulk invoicing, a simple alert will warn users that contractors selected for bulk invoice processing have varying CIS deduction rates, and therefore need to be invoiced separately.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 19.3.6 in our Help Guide.

With new features being released regularly, make sure you stay up to date with the latest simPRO news by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or keep an eye on the blog.

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