From Chaos to Clarity: Simpro's Groundbreaking Innovations at Simprosium

Published: October 20, 2023

Simpro's Groundbreaking Innovations at Simprosium

October 17, 2023

Simpro, a business management software for trade service businesses, held its first user conference, Simprosium, in Australia and New Zealand under the theme "Turn Chaos into Clarity." The event attracted over 700 attendees, including customers, industry experts and partners, aiming to showcase the latest platform features and foster a community. Key announcements included launching the Simpro Certification Program, new security enhancements, Stripe payment integration, business intelligence reporting, ClockShark time tracking integration and digital form improvements, all geared toward reducing administrative tasks and meeting digital-savvy customer needs. The event featured insights on inflation, staff retention, and leveraging data for company innovation, emphasizing the importance of business intelligence tools. Simpro's API capabilities were lauded for unifying processes and streamlining operations. The event's success prompted plans for similar conferences in the US and UK markets in 2024, demonstrating Simpro's commitment to building a collaborative customer-centric ecosystem for innovation in the trade service sector.

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