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The Facts:

McCarthy Plumbing Group Now Save: Thousands of dollars on task completion through efficiency and accurate estimation.

McCarthy Plumbing Group Now Know: Where their profit is coming from and where it’s falling through the cracks.

McCarthy Plumbing Group Now Have: A software system that automates their business and increases their revenue.

The Figures:

1.5 million AUD in increased revenue per year $750,000 AUD saved in salary/wage costs in five years 13 technicians on the road and only 5 staff in the office

The Story:

Who They Are - McCarthy Plumbing Group

18 staff and 20 years of experience; that’s what kind of power the husband and wife team of David and Cat McCarthy have behind them. Providing high-quality workmanship safely, on time and on budget is what they’ve been known for since they started the business in 2013. With a vision for excellent customer service underpinned by family spirit and delivered by a highly talented team, McCarthy Plumbing Group has gone from strength to strength over the years.

What They Do - Residential & Commercial Plumbing

With the kind of positive relationships a business like McCarthy Plumbing Group is building, it can be difficult to nail down a specific industry niche they conform to. With clients who are builders, business owners, real estate and corporate service agents, the company readily services all aspects of the commercial plumbing industry. They’re also builders of relationships with residential customers, with the goal of becoming a trusted lifelong plumbing partner for every homeowner they work with.

When They Started With Simpro - 2018

After experiencing a period of rapid growth from the business’s birth in 2013, Cat and David quickly went from a home office and garage-based inventory to a dedicated office and factory setup by 2016.

But with such fast expansion comes growing pains, specifically the kind caused by the need for refinement of processes and operations to offset the rapid amount of growth the business was undertaking.

McCarthy Plumbing Group had another job management software program, but it wasn’t cut out for the kind of scheduling the business now undertook and quickly hit a ceiling with what it could provide.

Why They Chose Simpro - Scalability

After following Simpro’s development for some time, the McCarthy couple already knew what they were looking for in their next job management software. A business as dynamic and multi-faceted as theirs saw them completing work that varies wildly in its complexity. From a simple tap washer changeover to a multi-storey apartment block drainage project, the software that Cat and David chose had to be ready for whatever they threw at it.

Simpro’s platform proved to be more than enough of an all-around scheduling tool to assist the business with its different capability requirements. The McCarthy team quickly began saving thousands of dollars on operations, with a software tool at their back that could handle the background details and keep the team from resorting to spreadsheets and guestimates.

Knowing where profit comes from with Simpro’s reporting tools also proved to be a huge cost-saver, with the business able to track down where its ‘leaky buckets’ were and patch them accordingly.

Improving employee efficiency also became super easy with Simpro, with the ability to look at historical job data, which gave David and Cat a firm idea of what types of jobs to pursue and which ones to reject.

With their operational needs met, the team at McCarthy Plumbing Group finally had what they required to scale without fear of failure or compromise.

How It Changed Things - Uncapped Growth

After five years of Simpro the McCarthy’s are proud of their current headcount of 12 technicians and only five administration staff. They’ve been able to grow their income generation team without having to hire excess admin to fill in the automation gaps by relying on Simpro to do that work for them. They’ve also almost doubled their yearly revenue from $1.4 million AUD in 2018 to a projected $2.9 million AUD in 2024.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also increased their business savings out of sight. Additional administration staff alone would have cost the business an extra $150,000 AUD each year, meaning they’ve saved over $750,000 AUD in just over five years.

But money isn’t everything, and the quality of life provided by Simpro has more than paid for itself over the years. Client relationship management tools like customer tags, overdue invoice reports, and customisable quoting help the office team nurture long-term relationships and land more jobs.

Where To Next - Bigger & Better Things:

David and Cat now have the opportunity to grow and run their business exactly as they want to. With Simpro’s help, they've improved their operations, scaled their workforce profitably, and increased overall revenue without sacrificing their vision for exquisite customer service.

Their advice to any up-and-coming trade business considering Simpro is to take the leap, invest the time and really commit to the training. They’ve done just that, and their future with Simpro looks incredibly bright.

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