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October 3, 2019

simPRO Steps Up for Steptember 2019

Announcements | 2 minute read

Last month, nine teams from across simPRO’s four offices participated in the 2019 Steptember Ten Thousand Step Challenge.

Putting their best feet forward, our simPEEPs pounded the pavement in a mass fundraising effort for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. An organisation that supports those affected by the condition to live more independently.

With a spring in their step, our teams of ‘sole mates' attempted the challenge of achieving ten thousand steps every day in September.

simPRO team for Steptember 2019 action shot

Not a walker? Not to worry. With a range of activities that could be swapped for steps, such as swimming, soccer, gym time and more, the teams all found ways to increase their daily activity in a way that suited.

Racing to the finish line our teams managed to raise $3,234.10 and achieved a whopping 10,477,268 steps over the month.

With simPEEPs from around the business stepping up to the challenge we asked why walking was worth it.

"When I saw the email about the event I thought it was for a great cause and it sounded like a fun and challenging way to be an active participant of our community here at simPRO," said Wardell, Software Developer.

He wasn’t the only one, Projects Product Owner, Filip believed that "having a step goal to work towards every day was really motivating."

And while laziness was a challenge, it didn’t stop our simPEEPs.

"I liked being able to do my little bit to help people, and it kept me on my toes to stay healthy but on certain days when you get real lazy (specifically around weekends), it was tough to get myself out there. Of course, once I did, it felt great." said Pav, a UI/UX Developer.

The benefits to the business and our people were numerous, according to Sonja from People Operations.

simPRO team for Steptember 2019 line-up shot

"This is the first time we have done anything like this on this scale. It has encouraged people's motivation to not only help a great cause but also become more active.

Being office-bound, we don't move much during the day. This effort has got everyone talking about doing more exercise not just the ones participating in Steptember.

It has led to more interaction in the workplace, staff that may never have had a conversation before are now talking about what they are doing to achieve their goals.

I believe it has been a great success and I hope we can do it again next year."

So if you are already thinking about walking 500 miles (and walking 500 more, just to be the man who walks a thousand miles) next year, visit the Steptember website and start getting your team together for a walk to remember.

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