Letter from Simpro CEO

July 21, 2023

Dear Simpro Customers,

Today is a somber day for all of us here at Simpro. With heavy hearts, we would like to express our profound sadness regarding the gun violence that occurred in Auckland this week. On behalf of Simpro, we extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this tragedy, especially the families of the victims. We stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand during this challenging time, wishing them strength and comfort.

As a company, one of our values is “We Care.” Behind the spirit of that value is the importance of viewing our industry as a community first, with the power to support each other. The tragedy in Auckland, which took place at a construction site, demonstrates the importance of raising awareness for mental health in the trades, and the unique challenges faced by tradies worldwide. While tradies often encounter demanding and stressful work environments, mental health and well-being is often stigmatized or ignored. To address this critical issue, we are taking the following steps:

  • Simpro has set up a charitable fund with our New Zealand partner MATES in Construction to support mental health in the trades. We would like to encourage our customers, partners, and community to donate to this important cause. Simpro will match donations up to $5,000 (NZD). Find out more here.
  • Simpro proudly supports the Fly the Flag Campaign in New Zealand which runs 4-10 September and coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day (10 Sept). We aim to bring awareness to the importance of talking about mental health and suicide prevention, reminding us to “Spread the word that it's OK to check in on your mates.”
  • In the coming weeks, we will be sharing mental health resources with our community, to create understanding and support for mental health in the trades. As a start, we have put together our Simpro Stands With NZ page with additional resources and links.

Together, we can create a supportive environment that promotes mental health awareness, reduces stigma, and provides essential resources to those in need.

Once again, we extend our deepest sympathies to the people of New Zealand and to all those affected by this tragic event.


Gary Specter CEO Simpro