Having the confidence to go after larger clients

November 14, 2019

Established in 2007, DT Fire Systems is an independent fire, security and electrical company with vast experience in the fire compliance and safety sector.

Having subcontracted to larger fire and security companies for ten years, Darren Thorne (Managing Director) and his team grew to a position where taking on direct clients of their own was their next logical step.

Darren had the team of highly skilled engineers in place ready to carry out the work that their new prospective clients would require, but recognised the need to implement a complete end-to-end operations management system to help manage their growth and attract larger corporate clients.

We wanted to implement a system that was going to give us complete transparency, allow us to give every detail of every individual asset that we were testing on-site, and give us that edge with the big corporate clients that we were aiming for.

And it was Simpro's capability to provide this level of detail that proved to be key in DT Fire Systems’ ability to attract and sustain business from larger corporate clients.

The importance of detail in winning big business

Prior to implementing Simpro, DT Fire Systems was limited with what it could present to a client. After completing a job, the client would receive a paper asset report that lacked essential asset details and only listed around 25% of the assets tested.

Now, with Simpro, Darren and his team of engineers can easily produce a 50+ page asset report as soon as the engineer has completed a job that lists every detail of each individual asset. For example, the type, location, manufacturer, date tested and the engineer who passed/failed a specific asset can be easily and quickly identified.

Being able to produce such asset reports has helped DT Fire Systems stand out amongst its competitors, and has proved vital in attracting the direct clients that they were aiming for who require this level of detail to adhere to their own/industry stringent standards of compliance.

I think the confidence came from when we had a large corporate, that after a first maintenance visit, gave us the feedback immediately after sending the asset report and the information that they needed that our system was the best they'd ever seen with detail, and what they were getting at the end of the job.

Competing with larger competitors

Implementing Simpro has helped reduce costly overheads and streamline what were once convoluted processes, giving DT Fire Systems the edge over larger competitors who perhaps haven’t got a similar system in place.

We have very little overheads as we don’t need as many staff in the office to run a team of engineers because our processing is so efficient and so fast.

This reduction in overheads has meant that DT Fire Systems has been able to pass these savings on to their customers, and also redistribute previously tied up capital into areas of the business that make money.

Our overhead costs are now hugely reduced which enables us to take on more staff in the field that earn us more money.

And it’s not only financially where Simpro helps DT Fire Systems better compete.

We can now compete with bigger companies as we can produce more documentation and information, which gives a better customer service all round

In the following video, managing director Darren Thorne goes into more depth on how Simpro has helped DT Fire Systems land bigger clients.

About Simpro

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