Estimate electrical jobs accurately with SPARX

November 24, 2021

Simpro and SPARX logos integrating as gears

All electrical jobs and projects are unique, and estimating requires careful planning and attention to detail. Successful electrical estimates allow your business to provide more competitive quotes with accuracy.

To help improve electrical estimating, we are excited to announce our new integration with SPARX. SPARX is an electrical database, brought to you by TradeService, that integrates with Simpro to provide you with the tools to quickly create accurately priced pre-builds and ensure you have the most profitable and competitively-priced estimates.

Pre-populated Pre-Builds for accuracy

Because SPARX automatically populates your pre-builds with up-to-date costs from your suppliers, you can trust that your estimates are accurate. This reduces the chance for errors and in turn, helps you build a better customer experience for your clients.

SPARX draws from an ever growing database of over 8,200 Pre-Builds and 20,700 parts that are all easily discoverable from almost 300 searchable categories. This extensive database has been evolved from over 35 years of industry knowledge to give you the competitive edge in the estimating process.

Estimate large projects with speed

Another key benefit of using SPARX to populate your pre-builds is the amount of time you can save. Taking advantage of the SPARX integration for estimating means you can seriously reduce manual data entry.

SPARX + Simpro maximising your profits

Estimating software allows you to win bigger business by giving you the ability to quickly cost your projects and ensure that they are priced competitively. Use SPARX to quickly add Pre-Builds that contain pricing from your suppliers, and take advantage of Simpro to provide you with the tools to quickly calculate the labour and material cost so you can understand your margins and build profit into each project.

For more information on SPARX and connecting the estimating database with Simpro click here.