Become a Simpro expert in 2020 with the Learning Toolbox!

February 3, 2020

Simpro is an in-depth end-to-end operations management system that is regularly enhanced to meet the needs of our user community. We understand it can be hard to stay on top of all the new features. And as your business evolves, you will possibly want to explore some of the more advanced features.

Hundreds of high-quality learning resources

At Simpro, we develop hundreds of high-quality interactive learning resources to help you succeed. The Simpro Learning Toolbox is a free tool that is available, for all Simpro customers, at any stage of the Simpro journey.

Whether you are implementing Simpro, training new staff or simply wanting to learn more about a new feature, we are here to help. Choose from a multitude of materials and courses, or even previously recorded webinars that are available for all your staff to access for free, 24/7!

A screenshot of the first page of the Simpro Learning Toolbox showing different courses and learning materials.

Learning styles to suit all members of your team

Our Learning Toolbox uses a variety of learning styles. Not everyone learns the same way, some team members retain more knowledge through videos, others prefer reading, and most need realistic opportunities for practice before they truly grasp a new workflow.

For example, in the Learning Toolbox, you can watch workflows to understand how each step is important to your business. Then, use the practices which simulate Simpro, so you don't have to use real data in your build to practise what you've learned. And finally, after you've practised the workflow, you can check your knowledge by answering the knowledge checks.

Regardless of how you learn, all interactive materials in the Toolbox include the above learning styles to assist in filling knowledge gaps.

As new features are added to Simpro, resources within the Toolbox are updated to guide you through any changes. With each release Simpro provides release materials, found in the Product Release category of the Learning Toolbox. This release material provides information on what has changed, what has been updated and links to learning materials for further training.

We currently have over 150 learning materials and 25 courses housed in the Toolbox. For an overview and for easy access to our learning resources, visit the Help Guide.

Kick-off 2020 the right way by brushing up on your Simpro skills. Click here to register for a log in to the Toolbox, or visit the Help Guide to learn more.