Recap: 120Grit podcast - ep36 Matt Boyce creating connections through food

June 19, 2020

Matt Boyce is the founder of The Human Connection Project a multi-layered enterprise that is seeking to change the rates of suicide in Austalia.

After losing his friend in a surfing accident and hitting rock bottom himself, he realised that food and his connection to friends and family over a shared meal was the best way to stop feeling so isolated and alone. To help others make the same leap he began Your Prep, a meal preparation delivery service designed to get families cooking together.

“Family dinner has gone to s*it,” he explains. “No one has it any more. Families can share in the preparation. The prep part of the meal is the most important part of the connection.”

A man with a vision, he also started a clothing line called ‘How Good’s Living’ and developed Life Warriors, an educational charity program to teach kids resilience skills over a 10-week course.

This week, Matt joined Dan and Ed from TradeMutt for a chat about all things mental health, eating well and inspiring kids to find purpose in life.

So serve up something delicious and get your family around the table to listen to episode 36 of TradeMutt’s 120 Grit podcast with special guest Matt Boyce

Watch TradeMutt’s latest 120Grit Podcast below

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