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Intelligent business reporting to give you the edge

Make your data work for you

Uncover answers to complex questions with simPRO reports

Make informed decisions with detailed insights into every part of your business using simPRO reporting. Optimise your workforce with a Job Productivity report, streamline sales processes with Sales Invoice reports and manage your finances with Profit and Loss reports.

Financial Management

Understand where you are making and losing money with sales and profitability reports.

Workforce Management

Measure how your team is working with labour productivity and field staff reports.

Project Management

Keep your projects on track with work in progress and cost to complete reports.

Customer Service

Identify the average response time for jobs and keep track of customer records.

Clear, actionable built-in reports

Gain invaluable insight into your business and discover trends as they happen with simPRO’s built-in reports. Compare profit and loss, project progression, job activity and staff performance, all from data collected by simPRO.

See more ways you can streamline data input with simPRO.

Comprehensive reports to your inbox

Make timely, strategic decisions with scheduled reports emailed to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly at specified times.

Want to see what other workflows you can automate with simPRO?

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Custom reporting for your business

Use simPRO’s BI Reporting options to extract specific data to create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

Which solution is right for you?

BI Reporting
BI Reporting Premium
Question, filter and group your data    White tick with green circular background    White tick with green circular background
Visualise data with graphs and charts White tick with green circular background White tick with green circular background
Design your own business intelligence dashboard White tick with green circular background White tick with green circular background
Develop SQL queries and filters to interact with your simPRO database White tick with green circular background
Automatically share regular updates to stakeholders via email using the Pulses feature White tick with green circular background

Are you ready to level-up your business reporting?

"The reporting has turned out to be far better than probably any package that I've seen before. I can look at the efficiency of one part of the business over the other, profitability reports on jobs, sales for the month and even sales compared to the last two years. It's extremely simple and fast."

Peter, Devilees Air Conditioning

simPRO learning and support

Maximise the benefit of simPRO’s features with comprehensive learning and support resources.

Training & Implementation

Receive personalised guidance for a successful start, and a foundation to last you for years to come, with simPRO’s training and implementation.

simPRO Learning

Learn how to use the latest products and implement new functionalities in your simPRO build with the simPRO Learning Toolbox.


With five different support channels and local teams around the globe, simPRO ensures you receive the highest level of support.

Unlock growth potential.

Trade up, with simPRO.

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