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16 September 2019

3 simPRO tools you can use to onboard staff faster

Learning Implementation | 3 minute read

Onboarding in a busy business can be tricky. You've got the hire with the skills you've been looking for, but they'll need to be introduced to your workflows and processes before diving in.

Or maybe you've brought in a new system for your business and you need to onboard your team.

Whether you're the type to sit everyone down in a room to bring them up to speed or get them out in the field and learning by doing, it's important you have a process.

When it comes to systems, simPRO has a few different options designed to help our customers bring new employees, or a whole business, onboard with ease.

1. simPRO Trainers

simPRO Trainers

Having a trainer actually in the room to take staff through new processes is an effective process when it comes to onboarding. Their across-the-board knowledge means consistency in learning.

Their help means your own staff members won't be left to teach their user-specific workflows to new team members, whose own flows will inevitably differ.

simPRO's trainers work with new customers to get simPRO systems implemented into businesses. In a structured training program, they work through a range of sessions with staff.

They cover introductory topics like system setup and general workflows, through to more in-depth ones, like advanced user processes and operational Q+A.

Once initial implementation is complete, customers can also book our trainers for onsite training as it is needed - whether it's for getting a new staff member up to speed, learning about new simPRO features, or more.

2. simPRO Learning | Toolbox

simPRO Learning | Toolbox

An online learning tool is a major asset for any business when it comes to onboarding, taking much of the tough parts out of the process for you.

The simPRO Learning | Toolbox is a great example. It is designed to make it easier for business owners to keep their staff up to date on the newest features and updates in simPRO.

Users can explore a range of self-paced learning materials and courses, consisting of a variety of video and interactive content. All of which can help staff easily learn new workflows and fill in any knowledge gaps.

This is perfect for those busy businesses looking to learn workflows and keep staff up to date while staying focused on the job.

3. simPRO Help Guide

simPRO Help Guide

The foundation for online resources, a Help Guide is a library of articles and videos that takes users through a product's different features and workflows.

It is an invaluable resource for those staff members looking to study up on the systems they're using.

The simPRO Help Guide can always help simPRO users find their way - with over 400 videos and 600 articles covering every aspect of simPRO.

Every onboarding process is different, so we make sure you have every option available to you.

Our Help Guide is available online and simPRO users can register for the free simPRO Learning | Toolbox by contacting support.

Our trainers are also available at any time, customers can easily and quickly get in touch with our administrative team to arrange a booking.

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