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26 May 2020

Ready to start implementation? Designate a simPRO Champion!

Learning Implementation | 2 minute read

As you are preparing your business to implement simPRO and update your processes, it is important to have a plan to manage the upcoming changes. Properly managing change requires communicating clearly with your staff, setting targets to keep your staff on track and designating someone from your business to lead the transition.

Four staff members celebrate successfully implementing new processes

At simPRO, we call this leader the “simPRO Champion”, and we strongly suggest that you designate your champion before you begin implementation. If you aren’t sure who should be the simPRO Champion, consider the following factors that make a strong change management leader. Choose someone who:

  • Is enthusiastic about the upcoming changes and able to help other staff remain positive
  • Is empowered to make decisions that will best benefit your staff
  • Is adaptable and able to make adjustments where needed
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Has authority to roll out new processes
  • Has the time and capacity to take on increased responsibilities and tasks during the implementation process
  • Has a strong understanding of all function and responsibilities of those who will need to use simPRO
  • Has good time management and project management skills

Whether you will lead the change management process or you are planning to designate another team member, it is important to keep those factors in mind.

The cover page of the FREE eBook from simPRO titled Managing change within your field service business

Our Global Product & Training Consultant Matthew McBryde says, “Select a person who has oversight in your business and has the authority to lead change. This may be the owner or it may be the office manager or someone else central to the business operations. The change management leader or ‘champion’ as we say at simPRO, should be organised and empowered to make decisions.”

If you have more questions about designating your simPRO Champion or about preparing for your upcoming implementation, do not hesitate to reach out to your assigned Implementation Consultant.

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