Launching Simpro’s Partner Program : True Blue

September 18, 2023

The Nitty Gritty

  • What changes are being made to the partner program?
  • Why are we making these changes?
  • How can these changes benefit our customers?
Two people shaking hands with one wearing a yellow high visibility jacket and the other in a blue shirt.

Welcome Simpro’s Vice President of Partnerships; Ryan Murden

Headshot of Simpro’s Vice President of Partnerships, Ryan Murden. My first few months have been full of learning, building new relationships, and laying the groundwork for the launch of Simpro’s new partner program: True Blue. The partner team is excited to engage with this diverse and geographically vast community. I am inspired by the number of successful relationships that have existed for years in our trade ecosystem and hope that our program assets become valuable resources for our customers, partners and industry stakeholders for years to come. I look forward to sharing and working more collaboratively with our community of partners in the months to come. To kick things off, I thought I might share a little about the partner team’s mission and purpose at Simpro.

Our Mission

Many years ago, I sat in a company meeting where my CEO reviewed our strategy. They illustrated how our company sat in the center of our market’s ecosystem. We were the “platform” and “source of truth” where all business revolved around. Developers, service providers, third party software vendors, suppliers, and, of course, customers. I found it amusing because I had just left a partnership introduction where the presenter used a very similar diagram to position their company as the center of the same universe. So who represented the market landscape correctly? Neither did. And still, to this day, I can’t help but chuckle when I see the same ecosystem diagrams from companies representing themselves externally as the Sun. The customer is the center. Anybody who serves customers should be orienting around them as our north star. Customers leverage advisors, consultants, developers, trainers, accountants, associations, utilities, and a whole spectrum of materials, equipment, products and services suppliers. As planets revolving around our customer, the better we understand and execute our role within this ecosystem, the more valuable we become together. Customers need this community to work together as a cohesive system. A lot of companies make partnerships strategic and, as a result, often rise to the top in their respective markets. For this reason, Simpro is committed to partnerships. We believe it is the only way we can effectively serve unique and diverse customer requirements, and scale efficiently and profitably. Our long term mission is to create a global and scalable partner engine that engages and supports our customer communities on a relevant and appropriate level.

Why Are We Making Changes?

Despite many examples of healthy partner relationships that we possess today, we recognize that we have a long way to go in our development. But regardless of how far along we are in strategic evolution, our ongoing purpose is to mobilize partner resources to make a material impact to our shared success in three primary ways:

  1. Augment and extend our product & service offerings to access broader markets, close and retain more business, improve customer success and scale our business.
  2. Become a go-to-market catalyst and contributor to annual recurring revenue.
  3. Create new and growing sources of revenue with partner offerings.

What’s New With the Program?

Our new partner program will categorize partners into specialized areas which showcase their expertise in the field service industry. This makes it easier to find the specialist that our customers need to solve industry challenges. For our partners themselves, this means access to benefits that help mobilize the product or service offering faster and to the right audience.

Browse our catalog of industry partners, all dedicated to helping field service businesses succeed.

Let’s Look To the Future

Today we celebrate the re-launch of our partner program. We decided to call it True Blue because of the dedication and loyalty of our partner ecosystem to providing our customers with value adding services and technologies that help them grow. We have many exciting plans for the program’s evolution that will leverage the unique capabilities and contributions of our diverse ecosystem. But before we begin developing changes, we felt that re-establishing our mission, purpose, benefits, resources, systems and processes for our shared customers was essential to building a lasting impact in our community.

We are also eager to embrace any new ideas as we begin to expand the program. If you have your own programs and partner strategies that you would like to share with us, please share them!

Interested in joining our ecosystem? Find out more about the program, the new benefits and how to get involved here.