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Field service management enterprise solutions

Solutions tailored to unique workflows and business complexity

Enterprise solutions for businesses with complex workflows

Large companies

Multiple locations

Complex entities

No matter the complexity of your business, we’ll work closely with you to scope, plan and deploy a solution that aligns with your processes. Maintain oversight of interconnected functions and visibility across your group with one simPRO solution.

Intelligent solutions for complex business structures and workflows

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Manage business complexity such as large companies and multiple locations with a single software solution. A tailored simPRO framework can help you handle complexity while maintaining the simplicity of working with one software platform.

simPRO can handle the complexity of:

  • Companies which share some information, but not all information
  • Companies that require separation for accounting purposes
  • Companies that have different workflows or job requirements
  • Companies which need to maintain brand identity while sharing key information
  • Integrating with your current software solutions with our open API

Sharing information: jobs, customer contacts, data and supplier catalogues

For many companies, the sharing of job information is key. With simPRO enterprise solutions you can determine how jobs are managed and what information is accessible to which parts of your setup. You may for example, have a cross-functional business including the specialities of HVACR and electrical which need to share job information for work on the same site.

You can also utilise a similar set up for sharing:

  • Customer contacts
  • Supplier catalogues
  • Key data
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Maintaining brand identity

If you require your companies to maintain brand identity while sharing key information, this can be achieved. You can also set permission levels to access information in each solution or across the group, quickly add new companies from a pre-formed template and apply branding as needed.

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Transfer inventory between companies

If you have separate companies which share stock you can create shared storage locations in simPRO to help you easily manage and track inventory between companies. You can even specify which data is shared between companies in simPRO to minimise duplicate data entry.

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See the bigger picture with business reporting

Increase transparency and improve oversight with overarching or individual reports. Generate reports across companies individually or between multiple selected companies for increased visibility. If you need to limit information sharing, easily set permission levels across different groups.

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Keep financial data accurate

Connect your financials to your tailored business solution. Choose to manage your companies’ accounts as one, or alternatively, as separate entities.

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Communicate across companies

Updates and reminders keep everyone in the know

Benefit from the capability to communicate across individual companies (or across the group) with automatic and scheduled reminders keeping everyone up-to-date in different locations. In simPRO, you can choose which information is shared between companies such as supplier catalogues, contractor and employee details and other information.

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Drive action with tailored portals

Reduce admin overheads with a slimline version of simPRO for customers, employees and contractors. Control access and available actions for stakeholders enabling them to easily update job cards, invoices and schedules. And, with simPRO’s real-time syncing, you’ll always be kept up-to-date with changes.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting gives your company a private cloud solution that can be designed and deployed for organisations with unique hosting requirements.

If you need to accommodate high volumes of data, large databases and data sovereignty or require specialised security, we can customise hosting to your needs.

simPRO Field Service Management in the Cloud eBook on tablet device

Data security in the cloud

Data security is a primary focus in the simPRO engineering and development processes. Download our free eBook to learn about:

  • Data centers
  • Secure environments
  • Offshore storage
  • simPRO cloud certification and testing standards

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