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Get set for end of financial year

23 March, 11:00 am GMT

Got a question about cash flow for your electrical business? Ask our panel of experts!

The first quarter of the year is always busy, especially after the Christmas break. And with 5th April approaching fast, do you really have your finances in order as much as you’d hope?

To help we have pulled together an expert panel from across the electrical industry such as simPRO customer Fusion Electrical, Sllick, Business Consultant Bright Business and the ECA. Join us for the opportunity to ask our panel any questions you may have about cash flow and preparing for EoFY.


  • Rob Driscoll, Head of Legal & Business, ECA
  • James Harrison, Director Fusion Electrical
  • Emerson Patton, Owner, Bright Business Advice
  • Robert Davidson, Co-Founder, Sllick

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