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Manage multiple companies from one place

Align various franchises, locations or companies under one simPRO solution

We can handle your businesses’ complexity

Gain ultimate transparency of multiple companies, franchises or office locations under a single software solution.

Maintain oversight of interconnected functions such as job sharing and complete visibility across your group with master reporting. Easily maintain independence on a local level with individual field service management, operations and accounting.

Asset Management

With asset barcoding and planning, our powerful tools makes arranging maintenance schedules easy. Share assets across multiple companies to ensure the work is always up-to-date.

Alerts & Communications

Communicate across individual companies (or across the group) with automatic and scheduled reminders. Easily keep your teams up-to-date.


Reduce admin overheads with a slimline version of simPRO for customers, employees and contractors.

Control access and available actions with portals.

A single data warehouse across multi-company operations

A multi-company build is perfect for businesses with complexity.

How it works

Each company remains operationally separate, maintaining their own branding and identity, however a single data warehouse connects the different simPRO solutions.

Meaning that jobs, customers and data can be shared across the group or assigned to different companies as needed.

You can also easily set permission levels to access information in each solution or across the group and add new companies from a pre-formed template and apply branding as needed.

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Curious to know more? Get in touch to learn more about Multi-Company solutions.

Manage franchisees and independent companies with a simPRO ‘Constellation Build’

Still within the multi-company functionality, a Constellation Build is for businesses that operate in multiple countries or have franchisees.

How it works

If your parent company houses multiple companies which have minimal or no involvement from the head office, then a Constellation Build is the perfect solution within simPRO.

Unlike a Multi-Company solution, a Constellation Build gives each company complete flexibility in how their solution is configured.

It is easy to apply restrictions or customisations from the ‘master solution’ of the parent company. Restrictions can include how jobs are managed, what automatic workflows are triggered and so much more.

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Looking for a serious solution for your group of companies?

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting gives your company a private cloud solution that can be designed and deployed for organisations with unique hosting requirements.

If you need to accommodate large databases, high volumes of data and data sovereignty or security needs, we can customise your dedicated hosting needs.

Dedicated Hosting Servers


Use one call centre across multiple companies.

This simPRO add-on displays important customer information when they call your centralised system.

With all of the information at their fingertips your team can answer any call.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

simPRO learning and support

Maximise the benefit of simPRO’s features with comprehensive learning and support resources.

Training & Implementation

Receive personalised guidance for a successful start, and a foundation to last you for years to come, with simPRO’s training and implementation.

simPRO Learning

Learn how to use the latest products and implement new functionalities in your simPRO build with the simPRO Learning Toolbox.


With five different support channels and local teams around the globe, simPRO ensures you receive the highest level of support.

Looking for a simple solution
for complex multi-companies?

Trade up, with simPRO.

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