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Case Study

Proguard Protection Services

Headshot of Frank Bauer, CEO of Proguard Protection Services

“Since implementing [simPRO], my profit margins have increased over 10% in just the last year.”

Frank Bauer, CEO

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Aspen, Colorado, USA

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The challenges

Current systems weren’t hitting the mark

Before Proguard Protection Services decided to run on simPRO, the business used a combination of paper-based systems and software. There were several key functionalities that their previous software did not offer such as the ability to integrate with their current accounting programs, a mobile app where technicians could input data and features for vehicle maintenance reporting.

The biggest limitation with their previous systems was that they didn’t provide foundations for growth. “What got us started in looking for a software program was that I felt like the company was hitting a ceiling of growth where we weren’t able to get to the next level,” Proguard CEO, Frank Bauer said. “...finding a good software program was the key to helping us get to that data-strong technology to base our company on and help our company grow.”

Proguard worker installing security electronics

The results

Clear communication, increased productivity, better customer service, and overall business growth

One of the first benefits Proguard noticed after implementing simPRO was improved communication within the business.

“We can share the information that’s needed, we can send it from one department to another very easily, and it’s a task-driven form of communication,” Frank said.

Productivity within Proguard also increased once simPRO was up and running.

“I would say on any good day we could get maybe five billable hours out of an eight-hour paid day. With simPRO, we’re now seeing six to seven hours on an eight-hour day because it allows us to streamline the process of scheduling,” Frank said.

simPRO has allowed Proguard to be more strategic about schedule changes, increasing the productivity of technicians.

“With simTRAC and simPRO together, we’re able to use just a few clicks of the mouse to see who the closest technician is to a call, and we can look immediately to the inventory and see if they have the parts they need to do that call,” Frank said.

“It gives all of the information to the technicians’ hands, and we can send the right guy to the right job when we need to."

“This means I don’t have to send the guy all the way across town to spend ten minutes on a project when I could’ve sent someone who was five minutes away.”

Proguard staff aren’t the only ones benefiting from simPRO. Proguard’s customers are benefiting as well.

“We can update their [Proguard technicians’] schedule directly through simPRO, they’ll get that update immediately, and they can stop what they’re doing, pack up their stuff, and head over to deal with an emergency situation,” Frank said.

“I think that alone helps our clients feel like we are truly giving them that same-day service, and that we’re showing up when we can when they need us most.”

Then, of course, the best result that Proguard has seen from simPRO is the business growth. After just one year of running on simPRO, Proguard saw:

  • 14% increase in sales
  • 6% increase in clients
  • 10% increase in their overall profit margin

In addition to increasing profitability, the business also has increased visibility into this profitability. Before simPRO, Frank would not know how much money he had made on a job until that job was complete. Now, simPRO allows Frank to see the profitability of each project in real time, and he can make adjustments during a project’s progress as needed.

Frank Bauer standing in front of Proguard Offices

Word of advice?

Look to simPRO to grow your business

“The fact that we’ve implemented a software program to the strength that we have with simPRO means that I’m ready to grow for the next five or ten years…that’s a huge step for any company that wants to play in this market and be a contender for someone who is either going to acquire other businesses and bring them in, or is eventually going to sell their company and get out,” Frank said.

“Today I notice that with simPRO, we truly have the technology backing us to where we can grow the company without needing to add that additional support.”

Interested in growing your business like Proguard Protection Services?

Find out how we can support your business.

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