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Case Study

Corrigan Electric

Headshot of Dede Strothman, Office Administrator of Corrigan Electric

“After completing the demo, the Vice President, the Manager and I sat back and realised that simPRO is exactly what we were looking for. It was clear that this is what we needed to run our business and save time and money.”

Dede Strothman, Office Administrator

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Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Electrical (Residential & some Commercial)

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The challenges

Separate systems and hard-to-manage processes

While Corrigan Electric has been able to successfully serve their customer base from the beginning, staff have encountered several internal challenges over the years.

The main problem? A lack of integration and paper-based processes.

In previous years, Corrigan Electric has run its operations with a combination of paper-based systems and several different programs that didn’t integrate.

“We had filing cabinets which we had to label ourselves, and eight different people putting information in those cabinets. Our tasks were managed from a mix of different programs. There was no consolidation or efficiency at all,” Office Administrator, Dede Strothman said.

Corrigan Electric office building

“You had to check with multiple people before you could find the right answer because it seemed like necessary information was never where it was supposed to be.”

Miscommunication was also another issue that consistently impacted the team.

“We would send timed, paper tickets out from the office, but you can only put so much on a job ticket,” Dede said. “At the time, it was like the telephone game but with paper. You never knew if all of the information was getting where it needed to go!”

Finding the right system

Originally, Corrigan Electric Vice President Troy Corrigan wanted to find some sort of software solution to make billing and scheduling and dispatching more efficient. However, as he and his team began looking into their options, they realised that a software solution could improve efficiency in all areas of the business — not just billing and scheduling.

“When I started working here at Corrigan, Troy and his team asked me to take a look at some of the options they were considering. In my search, I found simPRO,” Dede says.

“Troy had actually seen a demo of simPRO a while back, but the search for software was placed on the back burner. Fast forward to 2018, we received a demo of simPRO, and it seemed like it would offer us a lot more of what we were looking for.”

Implementing simPRO into the business

After making the decision to move forward with simPRO, Corrigan Electric moved into the implementation and training phase.

The process proved to be challenging at first. “It was a little overwhelming because I didn’t know everything I was getting into, and once I saw everything that was involved in implementation, I just had to hope that I was doing things the best that I could,” Dede said.

“Also, you don’t realise how hard it is to train staff who have been at a business for years. People are set in their ways because they’ve done processes for so long one way. They think they’re on board, but unless they’re willing to put in the work and learn, it makes it hard for everybody.”

Despite some initial challenges, the benefits gained made their efforts in training worthwhile. “It’s worth the time and the money teaching somebody how to do it right rather than having to correct it later,” Dede said.

The results

Simpler access to job, customer and site data

A key part of the simPRO solution is increased organisation both in the office and for field technicians.

“Myself and everyone in our team loves that all the information is included in one place,” Dede said. “If we need to find permit information, a costing proposal, pictures, or any kind of attachments or notes, we can find it all in one spot.”

In addition to finding information with ease, Corrigan Electric has also been able to streamline the way job details are recorded.

“We can check to see who was on a job on a given day, and we can kind of determine what they did based on the day or time it took place,” Dede said.

“simPRO provides more accountability because it documents the daily work, and we can let the guys view previous technicians’ work on that job site. Previously, we would have had eight different files if we sent technicians out to the same job eight different times. Now, it’s all in one spot and the job history is way more accessible. The time savings we are now making can’t be matched to what we were doing before.”

Not only is job information easier to find, but it is now more credible.

“Based on my personal day-to-day, I can tell you that both the job site information and protocols are more accurate because it’s a task,” Dede said.

“With eForms, we don’t need to make sure that a customer’s authorisation gets put back in the file because it’s already in the file. simPRO has made our processes really efficient, and it’s easier to trust the information we’re receiving.”

Streamlined operations, efficient processes, organised information, and peace of mind are all benefits that this electrical business has received from simPRO.

Corrigan Electric workers talking in a warehouse

Word of advice?

Don't let the challenges of implementation deter you.

“Know that it’s a lot of work,” Dede said. “But, if you are teachable and really want things to improve or progress in your business, simPRO gives you that avenue to do so.”

Looking to improve your data accuracy and process efficiency like Corrigan Electric?

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