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22 November 2019

The journey from implementation to growth

Customer Stories | 3 minute read

Data sits at the core of how simPRO operates. Having the correct data within simPRO is essential in unlocking the cost and efficiency improvements that the software delivers.

Starting from scratch

Prior to implementing simPRO, DT Fire Systems had never used software that housed their data centrally, and so couldn't easily transfer data from a previous system. Essentially, Darren and his team had to start from scratch, pulling data together from disparate systems within the business, ready to put into simPRO.

We were in a position where we had absolutely no system in place when we took on simPRO, so for us, we had to dig out every bit of information that we never had and put it into the system'

Understanding the potential benefits of implementing the system, and the challenge of pulling this data together, Darren took a step back from normal day-to-day operations to dedicate more of his time into building simPRO.

You need to make that time and resource building simPRO to get the rewards from it. It might take some time, but it's worth it in the end, and what you put into it, you'll get out of it.

Tailored implementation

With simPRO, no two implementations are the same. Some businesses who have the time and resource, and the structure to easily transfer data from one centralised system into simPRO may be able to implement simPRO fairly quickly. Others may want to take a more gradual approach by implementing in stages over time.

The latter was the approach that suited DT Fire Systems.

We targeted certain parts of simPRO. We started with creating customers and sites and started our journey by getting engineers in the field scheduling jobs.

Once the engineers were confident with scheduling jobs within simPRO, DT Fire Systems continued to implement in stages until they built the system that matched their requirements.

By focusing on one area at a time, we’ve built the system as we need it to be and got the end product that works for us. We approached it as one challenge at a time instead of taking on multiple challenges and not doing them thoroughly.

Now, having implemented simPRO in a way that suits their business, DT Fire Systems are in a position where the system is central to the successful running of their day-to-day business.

Before we wouldn't have been able to deal with the enquiries, the customers, the quoting, the general day-to-day running of the business without having simPRO in place.

Growing with simPRO

As more jobs come in from a diverse set of new clients, it’s essential to have a system in place that can not only respond to this influx of new data but continue to grow with the business. And it’s during periods of growth where Darren finds the true value of simPRO.

As we take on more clients, we're adding more and more data into simPRO. Every day there's something else that we add, and every day we add something, it improves the system further. There's literally no point with simPRO where you get to a position where you can't improve it.

With full confidence in simPRO's ability to adapt and grow as the business evolves, DT Fire Systems has its sights set on further growth.

The fact that we have simPRO allows us to grow to any level we want to. The next goal for us is to take on further office staff, further engineers, and try and win some more corporate large clients that we’re more than capable of doing now that we have simPRO.

In the following video, managing director Darren Thorne goes into more depth on DT Fire Systems journey from implementation to growth with simPRO.

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