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27 April 2018

Latest simPRO Update: Taking the first step towards the mobile Suite

Product Update | 2 minute read

Our next update to simPRO, rolling out on April 29, 2018, continues to improve our solutions based on your feedback, and launches the first new feature to be supported by the upcoming simPRO Quote/Sales Module as part of our new simPRO Mobile Suite!

As always, we appreciate your suggestions and customer feedback and have listened to what you have had to say in the Ideas Portal.

So what’s new?

  • Bug fixes for the Forms tab, and realignment for statement printing.
  • Tax codes fixed for Enterprise users using the Maintenance Planner.
  • simPRO Enterprise users can engage better with their customers through memberships.

Forms tab corrections and printing realignment - for Service and Enterprise

Previously, the attachments button was going missing when you tried getting to the Forms tab in a job card from outside the job. However, thanks to some eagle-eyed customers that followed up with us, we have identified the issue and brought that button back from its unscheduled vacation.

Users trying to print statements on letter-sized paper were also reporting that our alignment needed some work due to some lopsided tables! Not too worry, we’ve aligned them nicely and they’re ready to dazzle your customers.

Maintenance Planner improvements for Enterprise users

Maintenance Planner users were previously experiencing some issues with rectification quotes. We have determined that these problems were the result of the tax setup in the associated pre-builds. Never fear however, we have solved this, and now your tax codes won’t affect your maintenance.

And, introducing: memberships for Enterprise!

Boost customer loyalty and revenue and offer memberships to customers! Entice your clients with a membership that offers cost-savings on quotes, jobs, and recurring jobs or invoices for a specified period of time. Incentivise your customers to use your services again within that period and accept discounted quotes!

simPRO Enterprise users will be able to set up, sell and allocate free memberships for their customers to encourage loyalty and foster a genuine relationship between customer and service provider.

Watch the video for more details, or head to our release notes for step-by-step videos.

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