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30 July 2020

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with simPRO IoT

Business Advice | 2 minute read

The Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionise the way you maintain your customer’s assets, not just for your customer but for your field service business. We all know time is precious when you are running a business, juggling multiple contracts and meeting customer demands. If you are looking to manage your customer’s assets more efficiently and at a reduced cost, simPRO’s IoT add-on can help, but how?

Reduce your on-going maintenance costs

With on-going asset management contracts you may find your team is visiting a job site once a month, quarter, or year to physically check your customer’s assets and determine whether there are any underlying issues or not. With simPRO IoT, you can easily place sensors on your customer’s assets to monitor their performance or the environmental surroundings remotely. This means you are only going onsite when you receive an alert or for mandatory safety checks, saving on labour costs and time.

From the start of your IoT journey you will begin to notice improved savings in time, fuel and travel. It might begin gradually but as your team will not be travelling to and from customer sites for unnecessary site visits, the benefits will add up over time. Being able to pinpoint the correct asset and location that has sent an alert, gives you an instant advantage, allowing you to quickly find and fix the fault the first time.

Save time and increase efficiency

With the simPRO IoT add-on, you can feed your alerts directly into simPRO. If you are alerted by a fault or failure of an asset, you can quickly create, assign and schedule a job for your field staff member. Streamlining your asset management process in real-time using condition-based maintenance will allow you to allocate your field staff more appropriately, send the right staff to the right job and increase your first-time-fix rate. The easy to read dashboard ensures you will not miss an alert or fault signal from your customer’s assets.

You will be able to detect issues before your customer is alerted which means catching issues before it’s too late and the asset has failed or a leak has occurred causing damage to buildings or equipment. This can save your customer time and money in the long run too.

You can do more for less. By moving to condition-based maintenance, streamlining your workflows and allocating the right team at the right time, you will give your field service business the opportunity to grow. Introduce new revenue streams and diversify your offering using the simPRO’s IoT add-on.

Interested in learning more about simPRO IoT and if it’s a good fit for your business? Contact us to set up a customised demo.

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