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21 March 2019

Latest simPRO Update: We've rebuilt our eForms app and it is better than ever!

Announcements | 2 minute read

Our latest update, available now in the Google Play and Apple Store, saw the complete rebuild of our eForms app on a new platform to better facilitate updates in the future and include two, new, heavily-requested features!

Check out the video below:

Now, along with a sleek new design akin to the styling of our simPRO Mobile platform, users can pinch-to-zoom when filling out forms, and use improved signature capture functionality - making the completion of forms even easier than before!

In case you're not too familiar with eForms, or this is the first you've heard of this simPRO addon, let's quickly recap how this application will reduce a reliance on paper in your business.

For field staff, it eliminates that folder of paper forms. Instead they simply use electronic forms on the tablet or smartphone they’re already carrying. With a simple design, and even pre-fill options for customer data if the application is linked with simPRO, technicians can quickly and easily complete a number of different forms and certificates for a job and submit them to the eForms Portal. No more pieces of paper lost to the depths of a van, and no more unnecessary time spent on forms.

The eForms Portals is where we see this simPRO addon benefit those back at the office. Administrative staff can access all the forms submitted by field staff and allocate them to their relevant job or quotes in simPRO - great for keeping detailed records and information. Additionally, administrative staff can use the eForms designer tool to create new forms for staff to complete when out on the job. With this feature you can even create forms to address compliance, perfect for maintaining evidence that your business is on track and adhering to regulations.

So, now that you know what eForms is, let's talk about the two new features!

New pinch-to-zoom option when completing forms

Technicians out in the field can now pinch-to-zoom when they are filling out form fields on their tablet or smartphone. Perfect for if someone's forgotten their glasses...or maybe needs a pair!

Improved signature capture functionality

Capturing the customers signature in the early stages is really valuable when it comes to record keeping and maintaining customer information, and this upgrade in our signature capture makes it even easier for your customers to sign.

The opportunities that eForms can afford staff across your business are huge, and this release is only the beginning! With this new platform, we have so much more possibility, and we look forward to releasing more eForms functionality in the future.

For more information head over to our release notes for a full break down of the update.

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