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19 April 2021

Estimate like a PRO with simPRO’s new Takeoffs Add-On

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Tired of using multiple pieces of software to manage projects and complete takeoffs? Streamline the estimating process with the simPRO Takeoffs Add-On - now in public beta!

Takeoffs are an essential component of accurately estimating materials required for a project. Whether you are measuring electrical cable, water pipes, concrete slab or tiling, creating a takeoff to understand the amount of materials required is a crucial step in outlining the true cost of the project ahead. Without takeoff software, this can be a time consuming and possibly inaccurate process, which is why many businesses use software to simplify and speed up this task. Now it's possible to complete a digital takeoff, without having to leave simPRO! We have released the public beta of our new Takeoffs Add-On, which means for a limited time, you can boost your estimating capabilities for free!

Try Takeoffs free of charge

For a limited time, we are offering the Takeoffs Add-On as a free public beta. This means you can enjoy all of the new features this Add-On provides, free of charge until the beta ends. The free public beta is available until the 1st of October 2021, so jump in and experience the benefits of completing takeoffs and managing projects within the one solution.

Uploaded building plan on a laptop

Upload a plan

Creating a list of material estimates is now easier than ever before. Once you have a Takeoffs Add-On beta Licence, getting started is as simple as selecting an existing quote or job, then uploading an associated floor plan. Multiple file types are supported, so you can get on with estimating ASAP.

Building floor plan being measured digitally with a cursor

Measure materials with speed

When your floor plan is uploaded, set your scale and get drawing! Whether you’re measuring light fixtures, wiring, areas of flooring, plasterboard or even landscaping material, the Takeoffs Add-On has everything you need to quickly and accurately identify the amount of materials required. Once you’re done drawing on the plan, simply mark it complete to find the list of estimated materials.

Person using laptop adding takeoffs to quotes, jobs, and projects.

Add to quotes, jobs and projects

Tired of using two pieces of software to manage takeoffs and projects? Using simPRO to complete takeoffs means your estimated list of materials can be instantly added to the quote, job or project that it relates to. As soon as you’ve completed your measurements and are happy with the takeoff, updating your job with this information is only a few clicks away.

More features to come...

Great news! We have even more plans on the roadmap for the simPRO Takeoffs Add-On. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can better understand which enhancements need to take priority. Tell us what you think via the simPRO Ideas Portal.

Ready to boost your estimating experience? Sign up for the public beta here!

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