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13 December 2018

Latest simPRO Update: Better business data with Report Builder

Product Update | 3 minute read

Our next update, rolling out from December 16, 2018, offers up a new reporting tool to our Enterprise customers that allows for greater access to, and visibility of, data. The Report Builder gives owners and operators using simPRO the opportunity to take an even closer look at their business data, and what it all means. Additionally in this release, we also have some other changes to simPRO to improve its overall functionality and eliminate any bugs.

So, what’s new this time around? Let’s break it down:

  • A business analysis tool designed to help Enterprise users explore the intricacies of their data
  • Ability to schedule non-billable rates

Greater access to, and visibility of, your business data with the Report Builder

Much of the world we live in today is consumed with a desire for greater visibility and greater access to data, in fact, much of our Ideas Portal has been overrun with it of late!

Well, we’ve put our ear to the ground and have heard a loud cry among the masses: you want to be able to get more out of your business when it comes to data.

This is why we’re so excited to be bringing you the Report Builder, a business analytics and intelligence tool that allows our simPRO users to analyse and evaluate down to the very core of a company.

Users ask questions of their data, a feature that facilitates the drawing together of business information through a variety of different filters and visualisation options, and then save the questions and responses so others who log in can view them later on

The Report Builder has an easy-to-use interface with a customisable dashboard that allows the user to review a number of different groups of information as well as perform basic calculations on data and visualise it using graphs, charts and other designs.

You can even download the data that you’ve pulled together, meaning you can distribute it easily amongst staff.

The Report Builder is an exciting and innovative tool for those of you looking to better manage, review and analyse your business data. We’re so excited to be opening this door for you to better, more informed business analysis - so make sure you check out the video below to learn more about how to use this exciting feature in simPRO.

Ability to schedule non-billable rates

Have you ever had a call for a job that, even though it was just outside of your business’ reach, you wanted to take? What about one that you thought was 30 minutes away, and it turned out to be 50?

Travel time can be a tricky thing to add to an invoice when it can be considered a non-billable item - not in simPRO however.

With this latest release comes the ability to create non-billable schedule rates, so now you can schedule non-billable rates to a job, so that when the job is updated, you can ensure the customer is being charged for the true amount of the job, and labour costs are being recorded correctly.

This release is a big one, with some truly exciting functionality. Make sure you don’t miss it by watching the video below or heading over to our release notes for more information!

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