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28 September 2017

Automating the business while keeping to the highest standards

Product Update | 3 minute read

Cinos is a leading Systems Integrator with offices in the UK, Singapore and the US. They boast high profile clients including British Airways, ITV and Caterpillar to name a few.

The company prides itself on maintaining premium quality service and support.

Johanna Guest, Operations Director at Cinos, joined the company six years ago and set about finding software to support their high service levels and help the business grow. Jo held a background in software implementation so she knew exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when it came to sourcing the ultimate solution to manage their global operations.

The software Cinos had in place before simPRO wasn’t cloud based which presents enormous issues when it comes to competing in a vertical that relies on managing staff in the field.

They needed information and data to be live and accessible in real time especially since the business was in a state of growth. Much of the team are wearing multiple hats so it’s vital they all work from one cohesive system.

Full implementation in record time

simPRO satisfied Jo’s extensive list of requirements but she needed to get the new system implemented quickly. For some businesses that can mean up to six months of migrating data and processes from an old infrastructure to get new business management software fully integrated into all areas of the business. For Cinos, three months is all it took for the new system to be fully integrated.

“I hate manual processes so I was keen to use software to automate as much as possible. To begin with I was able to use notifications and reports to make sure the jobs stayed on track while people got used to using it. We gradually turned on more features until it was fully implemented.” Johanna Guest, Operations Director at Cinos

Expanding beyond simPRO

For Jo a typical day involves working across three different time zones, in various roles from HR and accounts to making sure they have relevant stock. The benefit of cloud software and an open API means she can explore what other software can be added on to work with simPRO to meet their growing business.

“I love that the software keeps growing; there’s always new features being added. For anything that it doesn’t do, we explore the various add ons that can work with it to support us further. We’re currently looking at dashboards to support our reporting.”

Software that auditors love

The company’s tagline is ‘Believe in Excellence’. Jo holds a strong view that providing exceptional service is key to their success and helps them to win work for globally recognised brands such as British Airways.

Cinos are ISO 27001:2013 accredited. This is a globally recognised standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS).

“With the Maintenance Planner, the asset tracking is phenomenal, particularly for ISO reporting. The auditor can track where all equipment is installed and easily view service and maintenance schedules.”

Realising big returns

Since the implementation of simPRO, Cinos have seen seen enormous improvement in efficiency particularly in the areas of stock management and administration.

With just three people doing all the admin for a business with a £10 million turnover, Jo is certain that this would not be possible without simPRO.

“Before quotes wouldn’t go out of the door because of the delays in getting them approved by various people involved in the process. Now everyone is working together and everyone works around simPRO.”

Enjoying a well-earned rest

Now there is no looking back. She’d still be working after hours if it wasn’t for simPRO. She’s now able to enjoy holidays with her family and can log in to simPRO remotely to keep an eye on things back in the office while taking in her beautiful surroundings.

What’s Jo’s advice to others considering simPRO?

“Go for it! It’s hard work but you definitely see the return. It flows through all the job stages seamlessly. Our business growth is all thanks to simPRO.”

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