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26 September 2019

simPRO Mobile Update: automatic scheduling updates, support for scripts and date to open

Product Update | 3 minute read

The latest simPRO Mobile app update will start rolling out through Google Play and the App Store from September 26. The update includes automatic updates for Service every time you return to the schedule from any other part of the module. Support for work completed scripts, date to open functionality and other improvements have also been introduced.

Automatic update on return to Schedule in the Service module

Automatic updates icon dashboard syncing

Automatic update on return to Schedule in the Service module

After the new Service Module was released in July, field service technicians asked for a faster way to keep their schedule in sync. In response, the pull down refresh for Schedules in the Service module has been removed. Now, any updates to the Service schedule will automatically refresh every time the field techs return to the schedule from any other part of simPRO Service. This occurs quickly so field staff aren’t interrupted by on-screen notifications. Should field staff not be carrying out any works and have today’s schedule open, a refresh button is available and can be pressed at any time for a schedule only update.

To ensure all other details are kept in sync, a full Service data refresh will also occur once a day while the technician's device is not in use. Field staff can also perform a manual data refresh at any time, from the hamburger menu in the Service Module.

Support for Job Scripts in the Service Module

Support for job scripts in the service module icon

Support for Job Scripts in the Service Module

Work completed scripts can be a field technician’s best friend! They speed up data entry in the field and reduce errors. And the good news is that the popular feature is now fully supported for work completed notes in the Service Module.

The update also ensures that when a new line or paragraph is added by office staff or field staff, the formatting will remain consistent wherever it is viewed.

Date to open functionality for past jobs

Date to open functionality for past jobs icon

Date to open functionality for past jobs

The addition of the date to open functionality to the Service module will make it easier for field staff to continue work on a job from a previous day. When field staff click on a job that was scheduled in the past, they will be asked if they want to open the job for the original date or today’s date. When opened for today’s date, they can then Start Travel or Start Work, and a new time block will be created for the job.

What else can you expect from the simPRO Mobile update?

There are far too many improvements and enhancements to list them all. In fact, it is among the biggest simPRO has released in a single update! Below is just a small selection that will excite many of our simPRO Mobile users. To read the full list see the release notes in the Help Guide.

  • The job name will now be displayed in the Timesheet Module Schedule
  • It will be easier to contact other technicians to discuss Service history for a job. Their phone and mobile phone numbers are now displayed in the Service module
  • Stock and catalogue searches are now more intuitive. It’s also easier to trace their origin as the storage device is clearly displayed at all times.
  • Multiple, related, errors will be grouped together in the order they need to be resolved, so service technicians can fix any issues on the spot with a single press of a button.
  • Technicians can enter search terms to locate catalogue items and stock (similar to a nickname that your staff might use for a part) in both the Service & Quote and Sales modules.

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