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23 April 2021

3 ways field service businesses can amplify efficiencies with simPRO Add-Ons

Product Spotlight | 3 minute read

Every business owner wants to stand out from the competition, reduce costs and save time. But, with so many moving parts where do you start? One of the simplest approaches is to look at how existing business processes and systems can be fine-tuned to yield the greatest impact.

A range of specially designed add-ons further enhance simPRO's capabilities to support the changing needs of growing businesses. To help you understand what can be achieved, we’ve rounded up our top resources for three popular simPRO Add-Ons - SMS, eForms and Data Feed.

Use text messages to communicate with impact

The ubiquity of mobile phones has allowed field service businesses to expand beyond email for immediate communication with customers and staff. However, there is a growing consumer preference for those communications to take the form of an SMS. For instance, 70% of people would prefer to communicate via text about scheduling and appointments, as opposed to email (25%) or phone (5%)*.

Due to these evolving preferences, incorporating text messages into your business workflow can help you improve communication and cash flow.

Want to discover how SMS can be used to benefit your business? Read our blog: 9 ways SMS can be used for maximum impact in any field service business.

Remove roadblocks created by paper forms

Having skilled staff is just one element in successfully completing field service work. Without a system for accurately collecting information and transferring that quickly to the office, business workflows come to a stop.

simPRO eForms gives you the power to create your own electronic version of forms and, through the dedicated eForms app, provide field staff with an easy to use data collection tool.

Want to find out more about eForms? Read our blog: Discover 7 ways that simPRO’s eForms can improve your data collection and processing.

Extract useful data from emails without lifting a finger

Managing incoming administrative data can cause headaches in any field service business. From work orders to supplier invoice emails and web forms, staying on top of incoming administrative data is key to business running smoothly. But manually copying or retyping that incoming data into a job management system is not only inefficient, but prone to mistakes.

The simPRO Data Feed Add-On can automate this process. Data Feed removes much of the repetitive manual data processing that occurs in a field service business, without any intervention from staff. Data Feed is set up to know what emails to watch out for then as soon as a match is identified, it gets to work pulling the data out and moving it into the right spot in simPRO.

For companies like Bolt Building, Data Feed has helped reduce costs and risks associated with data processing as well as improving efficiency. Bolt’s General Manager Brian Sayah has found the add-on to be an amazing tool for his company.

"Generally we only have 24 hours to get out to a job, so it's brilliant that the job creation and allocation happens so instantaneously."

Find out exactly how Bolt use Data Feed and the benefits they have seen, in our blog: How Data Feed is helping simPRO customers cut costs and improve efficiency.

Ready to move to a new level of cost efficiency and competitiveness? Discover how the range of low cost, easy-to-setup simPRO Add-Ons can help you amplify your business results.

*Zipwhip “State of Texting 2020

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