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From November 1 2023, Connect will no longer be available in the app stores

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It’s time to move to the new generation of mobile field service

Simpro Mobile is our next generation field service app, and replaced Connect as our recommended solution several years ago. It is now time to completely retire Connect as Simpro Mobile is complete with the tools you need to improve customer service and run your business in the field.

Connect will be removed from both Google Play and the iOS store on November 1, 2023. This means you will no longer be able to re-install the app via these platforms.

To help with the transition, for the next three months you will be able to download and re-install a file manually. This file will be available until January 31, 2024, giving you time to transition your business completely to Simpro Mobile. Details on how to access this file can be found in our FAQs below.

Connect will remain functional on devices where it is installed, however, we do strongly recommend you complete your switch before January 31 to avoid disruption to your field service workflows in the event that a mobile device needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Simpro Mobile Vs Connect: What’s the difference?

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Simpro Mobile: The app of choice for Simpro customers

We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented features that you told us were necessary to make Simpro Mobile work for your business. Incorporating all the functionality of Connect, plus much more, we’re excited to show you the result.

Complete jobs faster, get paid sooner and provide better customer experience with the more intuitive Simpro Mobile. Our future development efforts will focus solely on Simpro Mobile, which means it’s time to prepare your team to make the switch to Simpro Mobile.

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Getting started is simple


Download Simpro Mobile from the app store

Remember to have your login details ready to go - these will be the same details you used in Connect.

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Train the team and yourself with free resources

The Learning Toolbox and Help Guide has all the info you need. You can also access additional training services to support you through the transition.

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Call out if you need help

Our friendly support team is on hand to help you make this transition as smooth as possible.

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Got questions?

From November 1 2023 to January 31 2024, you will be able to request an APK (Android) or IPA (iOS) file from support which you can use to manually install Connect.

Full details of how to access the file and install to your device will be provided late October via this page, email and in-app.

Yes, Connect will continue to work on devices where it is currently installed. However, if you need to do a reset of your phone, or you get a new phone, it will not be available to download from the app stores.

Between November 1 and January 31 you will be able to request a copy of Connect from Simpro Support to download and install manually. Please note: no further file downloads will be available after this date.

Planning a complete transition of your team to Simpro Mobile now, will prevent business impacts later.

Your staff member might be keen to grab the new iPhone. Or, the dreaded smashed screen happens in the middle of the work day, forcing an emergency purchase.

Simpro’s field service apps are an essential part of their job, so one of the 1st things they will need to do is download the app they are used to. The last thing you need is a panicked phone call when they discover they can’t access their schedule because Connect is unavailable!

Coming soon, we will be announcing dates for online webinars to help you make the switch to Simpro Mobile.

We also have recordings from previous Simpro Mobile webinars, our Simpro Learning Toolbox modules and the Simpro Help Guide.

Users who already have Connect licences can use them to access Simpro Mobile, at no extra cost. You must select the modules they need.

Access in Simpro Enterprise via the People > Employee > Settings.

If you have any questions regarding your login to Simpro Mobile or the structure of licensing, please contact your local Simpro support team.

In Simpro Enterprise, set up under System > Setup > Mobile > Simpro Mobile.

Module selection is available in the Employee Cards, where administrators can define user travel rates, create mobile statuses and restrict which modules are available to field staff in Simpro Mobile. Find out more in Simpro Mobile Settings.

Simpro Payments is not available on Simpro Mobile and you will need to transition to Square payments.

As part of a free processing promotion with Square, new users will receive free processing on up to $2,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days (conditions apply). Learn more and sign up for Square.

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Training & Implementation

If you’re looking for additional assistance on Simpro Mobile, Simpro’s Implementation Consultants can provide on-site and online training for your team.

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Simpro Learning

The Learning Toolbox is a FREE online training platform for all Simpro clients and their staff. The materials are interactive, self-paced and can be used to help upskill staff on Simpro Mobile.

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The Help Guide

The Help Guide includes articles and videos on the new workflows for Simpro Mobile. You can visit the Help Guide here, or navigate to it from the Help menu in Simpro.

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