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Switching to simPRO Mobile

Additional information to know how and when your business can make the move

simPRO Mobile: Should my business make the transition?

If you are interested in our latest mobile solution*, here are some things to consider.

Do your field staff use Connect for Assets?

simPRO Mobile can complete asset workflows, provide full asset test history and includes a built-in asset Barcode and QR scanner.

Do your field staff use Connect for Tasks?

If so, then it's important to note that simPRO Mobile CANNOT display Tasks within Jobs at this time.

Is your field team in need of better visibility of important job and site data?

simPRO Mobile offers new types of data for field staff to review while on the job.

Looking for more control over information your field staff can access?

Then simPRO Mobile may be able to help you customise accessibility.

Looking for something newer and smoother?

simPRO Mobile has been designed with the latest in mobile platform technology, making workflows easier to operate and simpler to work with.

How do I get simPRO Mobile into my business?

Implementing this new solution is easy, but there are some important things to remember.

simPRO Connect licences can be used for simPRO Mobile

Users who already have Connect licences can use them to access simPRO Mobile. If you have any questions regarding your login to simPRO Mobile or the structure of licensing, please contact your local simPRO support team.

In the simPRO Help Guide, access all kinds of learning resources to get a comprehensive understanding of simPRO Mobile

These resources can help train staff on the features of new solutions being implemented into a business. Click here to access the Help Guide.

Set-up for simPRO Mobile can be done in simPRO under System > Setup > Mobile > simPRO Mobile

Users can pre-define travel rates, pause statuses and what modules are available to field staff in simPRO Mobile.

The simPRO Mobile app can be downloaded onto Android and iOS devices from the Google Play and Apple App Store

Field staff can download the app directly onto their devices and login with their simPRO build details.

The simPRO Learning Toolbox offers online interactive learning materials for field staff to learn how to use simPRO Mobile

Anyone with a simPRO or Connect licence can register for access to the simPRO Learning Toolbox - request access here.

Additional training with a simPRO Implementation Consultant is available

This is to ensure that businesses are supported during the initial uptake phase of simPRO Mobile and have a point of reference for any questions. Training can be either onsite or online.

What does simPRO Mobile have that Connect doesn't?

Here are some of the exciting new features that simPRO Mobile offers simPRO users:

Pre-defined schedule rates for travel

simPRO Mobile setup offers a dedicated area where users can select billable and non-billable schedule rates to be used for travel. This means field staff can now select desired schedule rates for travel on the fly which is perfect for after-hours, long distance, and more.

Easy access to site attachments

Field staff have direct access to site attachments in simPRO Mobile. They are available to download and view without the need to first move them to a job.

Easy access to customer, site and work history

It is now possible for field staff to view work completed notes from previous jobs carried out at a site, when attending at the same location. Site notes, customer notes and schedule notes can also be viewed.

Stock and catalogue item images

If there are default images set for catalogue items, field staff will have the ability to view these images in the service module.

Activities and start/stop times

Field staff have the ability to modify activity start times, end times and notes.

Add one-off items to the invoice

Adjust the parts and labour included for each cost centre, including the ability to add one-off items.

Pre-defined statuses for pausing work

Field staff can pause work at any time during a job, without the need to reach the end of the job for submission, by selecting from pre-defined pause statuses.

Job sign-off and emailing job cards

Field staff can show customers a complete summary of the work completed and easily capture their sign-off in a single review screen. Additionally, they can email the signed and completed job card using a manually entered address, or pick from any site or customer contact as simPRO Mobile downloads them all.

Email Invoices

The email recipient list will be autopopulated with invoicing contacts. Alternatively, choose from every site and customer contact stored in simPRO or type in a new email address if needed.

Square Payments

Real-time, secure credit and debit card processing with funds available as soon as the next business day. Manual entry or use the Square reader for card present transactions.

simPRO Learning logo

Resources to help field service professionals

simPRO Learning is an extensive hub for self-learning materials that enable fast knowledge transfer and on-the-job training. Learn how to use simPRO Mobile and access the simPRO Learning Toolbox, included in your simPRO user licence.

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