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Achieve streamlined employee management.

Increase job satisfaction and ease employee churn with simplified employee management. Use simPRO to streamline workflow as well as track employee pay rates, schedules, resource allocation and licence certification renewals.

Employee management made simple

"Because we run a 24/7 business, we have a lot of guys that are on rotational shifts. With simPRO I can actually tell you four weeks from now where one of our guys is going to be working. As soon as I go onto simPRO, I can put his jobs in, in advance, and even know if he's not available."

Gail, King and Martin Electrical

How can you improve employee management?

Make scheduling and dispatch simple

Easily schedule and dispatch the right field staff member for the job.

Optimise the workflows of your field staff

Gain complete visibility of your team and enhance driver safety with fleet tracking.

Connect the field to the office

Streamline communication between the office and field with the simPRO Mobile app.

Easily share information

Empower your staff with access to the information they need to know through customisable portals.

Don’t miss a thing with automatic notifications

Keep field staff informed with email and SMS notifications. And, in the office, be alerted to field staff licence renewal dates and more.

Quickly address and be notified of inefficiencies

Gain insights into your business with employee reports including Job Productivity and Technician Notes.

Who we’ve helped

simPRO has helped thousands of businesses enhance employee management, including:

Streamline employee management.

Trade up, with simPRO.

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