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Business reporting software

Quickly collate important data. Customise and schedule reports. Gain invaluable insights.

How can business reporting platforms make you more profitable and efficient?

Financial data

Easily manage financial performance with reports that provide actionable insights into your financial position including Profit/Loss, Sales Invoices, Monthly Breakdown and Aged Receivables reports.

Workforce reports

Measure how your team is working with job and labour productivity reports. View field staff activity, completed tasks, employee and contractor licensing status and job costs per employee.

Project tracking

Keep your projects on track and monitor budgets with snapshot reports of your work in progress, job summaries, cost to complete and a list of jobs at all stages.

Inventory management

Monitor stock levels and their value and manage the movement of inventory from the warehouse, to the van and the job site. Pick up on price discrepancies and avoid being charged incorrectly by suppliers.

Customer service

Identify the average response time for jobs and keep track of customer records. Know which of your customers are generating the most business. Track all interaction with customers, and provide the best possible service.

Automated reporting for your business

simPRO’s reporting functionalities help you uncover the most profitable parts of your business. Using data collected on a day-to-day basis, simPRO collates the information you need, with the click of a button. Optimise your workforce with a Job Productivity report, streamline sales processes with Sales Invoice reports and manage your financial performance with Profit and Loss reports.

Actionable standard reports

Discover trends as they happen and gain invaluable insights into each area of your business with simPRO’s range of 70+ reports. By creating reports, you can compare monthly breakdowns, project progression, job activity and staff performance, all from data collected by simPRO.

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Comprehensive reports to your inbox

Make sure you don’t miss a thing and make strategic decisions at the right time with scheduled reports emailed to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Discover trends as they happen with actionable information from reports such as Job Productivity, Sales Invoice and Cost to Complete.

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Custom reporting for your business

Use simPRO’s BI Reporting options to extract specific data to create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

Choose to use simPRO’s range of included BI Reporting options, or gain even more insight with BI Reporting Premium.

Which solution is right for you?

BI Reporting
BI Reporting Premium
Question, filter and group your data    White tick with green circular background    White tick with green circular background
Visualise data with graphs and charts White tick with green circular background White tick with green circular background
Design your own business intelligence dashboard White tick with green circular background White tick with green circular background
Develop SQL queries and filters to interact with your simPRO database White tick with green circular background
Automatically share regular updates to stakeholders via email using the Pulses feature White tick with green circular background

Are you ready to level-up your business reporting with BI Reporting Premium?

"Being able to filter results down to see exactly what you want has changed the way we operate. We now can review and understand how our business is running with a depth we didn't have before."

David Pink, Multimedia Communications

Capture more data with data automation add-ons

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Don’t recreate, automate

Tired of wasting time on duplicate data entry? Improve accuracy, eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline reporting even further with automatic collection of incoming business information using simPRO’s Data Feed. This simPRO add-on automatically extracts data from emails and attached documents such as quotes, leads, job requests and supplier invoices as they arrive. It will then create a corresponding action within simPRO, saving you time on manual entry.

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Make collecting data easier

Improve the efficiency of data collection with simPRO’s answer to customisable forms - the eForms add-on. Use eForms on mobile devices to capture crucial data, like customer signatures, photos, safety reports and site information. You can also choose to auto-complete forms with previously collected customer details from quotes and jobs.

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