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simPRO Add-Ons

The tools you need to make the most out of end-to-end job management

Track your field staff vehicles, create custom forms, send automated text messages and so much more with simPRO’s unique software add-ons. These premium features connect with your primary simPRO build to provide a more robust field service management experience.

Explore how our add-ons enhance your simPRO experience

Create, populate and submit your forms digitally with simPRO’s eForms. This add-on allows you to create customised form templates to easily capture your incoming data. You can also use the eForms app to fill in and submit digital forms on a tablet or mobile device.

  • Form autofill
  • Two-way synchronisation
  • Unique staff and contractor log-ins

Organise data collection and processing with simPRO’s Data Feed. This feature will scan your emails, attachments and other business documents to create a corresponding action based on your needs.

  • Task automation
  • Form autofill
  • Data monitoring

Improve fleet visibility and driver safety with simTRAC. This fleet tracking add-on can be used alone or in connection with simPRO to provide GPS navigation, live monitoring, the ability to implement restricted zones and vehicle activity reports.

  • Driver history records
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Garmin integration
office worker using mobile device at desk

Enhance communication with your customers, staff and contractors using the SMS add-on. This streamlined service provides an easy way to send text directly to a mobile device from your main simPRO build.

  • Pre-written responses
  • Text history logs
  • Automated notifications
office worker speaking on headset

Boost customer service when you make and receive calls using the VoIP integration with simPRO. This add-on allows you to make phone calls through the internet to connect calls with your workflow in a cost effective and streamlined manner.

  • Caller ID enabled
  • Multi-company options
  • Click-to-answer functionality

Manage the maintenance work for thousands of assets with the Maintenance Planner add-on. With this feature, streamline preventive maintenance jobs, create alerts for asset failures and automate job creation.

  • Scheduling automation
  • Asset labour forecasting
  • Maintenance contract tracking
office workers at desk with computer

Create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations with BI Reporting Premium. Use this reporting add-on to develop SQL queries and filters and automate reporting emails to go a level deeper than simPRO’s standard reporting functionalities.

  • Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Search filters
  • Workflow automation

Connect your assets to an end-to-end job management solution for remote monitoring and workflow automation. simPRO IoT provides access to real-time data so you can switch to a condition-based maintenance model.

  • Customisable IoT dashboards
  • Workflow automation
  • Temperature, humidity and quality monitoring
multi company composition

Easily manage multiple companies, franchises or business locations from one database with the Multi-Company add-on. This unique setup allows you to track jobs, operations and accounting processes across different locations from one simPRO build.

  • Shared setup options
  • Private cloud solutions
  • Manage multiple companies

Create estimates faster and more accurately with simPRO Takeoffs. Takeoffs integrates seamlessly within simPRO, allowing you to select items from your catalogues and use prebuilds and takeoff templates for accurate pricing and quoting. You can also sketch and mark-up blank drawings, keep track of versions, update estimates directly to project cost centres and attach mark-ups to your job or quote.

  • Work anywhere using Takeoffs on tablets
  • Open takeoffs within jobs or quotes with one-click
  • Create lists of material estimates with associated fit times

To find out more about add-ons, their pricing* and how to use them in your build, contact us.

*All simPRO add-ons are provided at an additional cost to your primary simPRO license.

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