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18 November 2019

UK Roadshow Roundup - November 2019

Announcements | 8 minute read

First of all, we'd like to thank all of our customers around the world who attended the latest simPRO Roadshows. Your contribution helped make the roadshows a resounding success.

The roadshows are a great opportunity for us to spend time with simPRO users, listen to their questions and feedback, as well as for us to talk about all the exciting new features we've been working on.

Our latest roadshows looked at how our customers can use simPRO to ''Achieve End-to-End Operations Management''.

The roadshows were well attended, with customers discovering how some of our latest releases could help them manage the 5 key processes that lead to optimal end-to-end operations management, and subsequently, better business results.

Key Processes

Here's a quick breakdown of what we presented.

Job Management

simPRO Mobile - Service Module Updated

Earlier this year, we released the third module for our simPRO Mobile app - the Service module, and we're pleased to share with you that after listening to your feedback, we've continued to add functionality to the module to enhance it.

A concern that some of our customers had when migrating from Connect to simPRO Mobile was that some of the Connect workflows that they had been accustomed to were not available in simPRO Mobile. To update you, we are continuing to add new workflows to simPRO Mobile so that it has all the functionality of Connect, and more!

On the most recent update for the Service module, we added over 60 improvements and enhancements, with the 3 key standout features being:

  1. The Service module now supports work completed scripts
    Engineers can now easily send out editable, pre-written responses to communicate with customers or record site data inside the Service module.

  2. The Service module is now quicker at keeping schedules in sync
    We've removed the pull-down-to-refresh feature and instead replaced it with automatic update capability that activates when returning to a schedule.

  3. The Service module now supports Date to Open functionality for past jobs
    Now, when field staff click on a job that was scheduled in the past, for example, the day before, they will be asked if they want to open the job for the original date or the present date.
    When opened for the present date, field staff can then Start Travel or Start Work, and a new time block will be created for the job.
    This is invaluable for more complex and bigger jobs, as it makes it easier for field staff to continue working on a job from a previous day.

simPRO’s partnership with Square

For those of you using Square Payments in your business, we are also excited to announce simPRO's new partnership with Square.

This means there will be an option available in the drop-down for invoicing and payments for engineers to select a Square Payment.

Selecting this option redirects engineers to the Square POS app. There, customer card details can be manually entered, or a card scanned if a Square reader or terminal is connected to the technician's device.

Once processed, the engineer is then redirected to simPRO Mobile and the invoicing options.

Partnering with Square means we can offer you a number of benefits, like lower payment processing fees and streamlined processes for accepting payment.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Square, or how it could benefit your business, head here

There, you'll find information for any questions you may have, as well as some links to get you started!

Asset Management

simPRO Mobile - Asset features in Service module in development

simPRO Mobile - We're developing new functionality that will add a number of asset-related features to the Service module of simPRO Mobile.

With the new asset features in simPRO Mobile, engineers will be able to:

  • See and make use of a range of options for asset management processes, including testing, add notes, add photos and attachments, view asset history, and more.
  • Use a search and barcode option to scan assets and record (or find!) information efficiently.
  • View full asset history, including past tests and results, recommendations and attachments.
  • Search for assets in cost centres, the job itself or even the site directly.
  • Add photo attachments and nominate default images for an asset.

Project Management

Task Management

Excitingly, a lot of our customers have grown to a point where they are now looking at new business opportunities outside of the sphere they started in.

This usually means taking on bigger jobs and new projects, and so it was important for us to equip our customers with the right tools to help support their growth.

Overhauling the task management tool means that we can offer even better support to our customers as more of them take on project work.

Some of the updates to task management include:

  • The addition of date validations and dependent tasks
  • The ability to assign tasks and task templates to cost centres
  • The addition of a percentage progress meter
  • The ability to assign dependent and prerequisite tasks

Gantt Charts

We're delighted to announce that we've introduced Gantt Charts, adding to our host of Project Management tools that keep field service projects on track.

Using the new Gantt Chart feature, project managers can easily view the project timeline. It helps staff to see, in real-time, the impact of any delays or changes to the schedule and comes at no added cost.


Take a look at our FAQ guide, where you'll find out:

  • How the new feature will benefit your field service operations
  • What type of work you can use Gantt Charts for
  • How you use and navigate the Gantt Chart, via a helpful video walkthrough

This is our first iteration of the Gantt chart functionality in simPRO. So, while we are already working on evolving it within the simPRO system, we would really value your feedback.

If there is an adjustment you think could benefit the wider users of Gantt charts in simPRO, please make sure you contribute your ideas in the Ideas Portal!

Business Management

If you joined us for our last set of roadshows, you'd have learned the importance of controlling your information flows throughout your business, and how this is critical to business management.

We highlighted how solutions such as our Zapier integration, our eForms, and Data Feed tools helped provide oversight and consistency in information to ensure work flows smoothly from one part of the business to another.

Data Feed Update

Data Feed, in particular, is a valuable tool in achieving this oversight and consistency of information. It automates the flow of information and the creation of jobs in simPRO, meaning your engineers are assigned to jobs with absolute efficiency.

In August, we released an update to Data Feed that gives users greater control over workflows and records generated by the automation tool.

Users can now specify whether or not they want to upload all their attachments to records created in simPRO or select the ones they deem relevant. Keeping data storage organised and under control.

In keeping with managing attachments, we've also introduced the option to add email text as an attachment in created records.

Many of our customers use Data Feed to automatically create new records as jobs are received - now they can choose to include the original email as an attachment as well.

BI Reporting and BI Premium

After covering the tools and workflows that can be utilised in operations management, we moved on to looking at what can be used to step back and help monitor how your processes and workflows are performing.

With BI Reporting, users can extract specific data from their simPRO build and create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations, helping them to make the data-driven decisions that accelerate business success.

Business Reporting

For those looking to do even more, we also have the BI Reporting Premium available - an add-on that offers features to extract data using SQL queries and schedule reports.

Learning Management

We concluded the presentation by looking at how our customers can consolidate their learning of the new functionalities and features that we covered.

Learning Toolbox

In addition to the Help Guide articles, The simPRO Learning Toolbox is the latest addition to the support materials to assist users in building on their knowledge of simPRO. It is particularly useful for growing businesses who are hiring new team members who will be using simPRO.

Whether you have just minutes to learn to better understand a workflow or function in simPRO or embark on a course to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the functionality, the simPRO Learning Toolbox can help you learn at your own pace, online anytime.

If you’re not already registered, sign up for free, so you don’t miss out.

Learning Hubs

Our dedicated Learning Hubs provide an ideal opportunity to learn in a group environment about a few specific topics that could be useful to you and your team.

A member of our Implementation team runs the session, and you can also learn from like-minded simPRO customers. Keep an eye out our e-News for details of our next ones.

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