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1 October 2020

The top informational resources for electrical contractors

Business Advice | 2 minute read

A successful electrical contractor is one who is always willing to learn. Whether you want to stay on top of industry trends or learn what other successful electricians are doing, having an open mind and the willingness to learn from others is key.

There are several fantastic resources available for electricians at any career stage. To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of the top industry publications and podcasts so you can jump right in.

  1. Circuit Magazine

This official publication of the Master Electricians association provides the latest industry news, insights about emerging technologies, safety advice and general information about how to best run an electrical contracting business.

  1. ElectroLink Magazine

This electrical and technology industry publication has engaging articles to help electrical business owners and leaders gain insights into new industry technology and the latest regulations around electrical products and solutions.

  1. Electrical Comms Data Magazine

Learn how to market your business, discover best practices to keep your staff safe and gain other insights to help you provide the best possible electrical services. This bi-monthly magazine shares business and product news, case studies and technical articles for the electrical, communications and data industries.

  1. Marketplace Magazine

If you want to discover the best electrical and data wholesale products and find out about special offers on products that can help you do your job, this is the magazine for you. Sign up for a digital copy so you’ll always be in the know on the latest tools and supplies.

  1. NECA News

Keep up to date on industry news with the official magazine of the National Electrical and Communications Association. This bi-monthly magazine offers instructional information, news and feature pieces on all topics within the electronics and communications industry.

  1. Modern Electrician Podcast

This podcast interviews tradespeople and business owners to get the inside scoop on the secrets to success in the electrical industry. These entertaining episodes share electrician tips and tricks, as well as some hilarious stories.

  1. TradeMutt’s 120 Grit Podcast

In this podcast, hear from two Australian tradesmen as they work to bring awareness to mental health and share ways that trade contractors can help each other overcome mental and emotional challenges. In each episode, a special guest shares their unique journey with working in the trades and balancing mental health.

  1. Electrician’s Success Podcast

In this engaging podcast, you’ll learn all of the insider tips and tricks you need to run a successful electrical business as well as valuable content for electricians at any stage. The host, Greg Allan, is founder of the Academy and Response Electricians and is passionate about improving the industry for electricians worldwide.

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