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24 January 2020

simPRO Update: A single database for contacts reduces data duplication

Product Update | 4 minute read

It may only be the first month of 2020, but the simPRO team are ready to drop two new features that will ensure you’re working smarter, not harder.

Get excited, because the first feature is the highly requested single database for all of your contacts within simPRO! This comes with a new report to find duplicate contacts, and merge them into one. The second feature is an update to supplier invoices so supplier part numbers are now visible when receipting materials used.

This release cycle drops on the 26th of January, just in time for you to start February off with a bang.

Simpro Ideas Portal - Single Database

Single database for Contacts

With the single database, all your contacts within simPRO are now located in one place! You have asked simPRO via the Ideas Portal to fix this, and we have listened. This means no more unnecessary duplications of the same contact in your database.

Not having a central location for all of your contacts within simPRO was, in some cases, causing multiple versions of the same contact to be entered. Creating a single database containing all contacts significantly reduces this, leaving your contacts more organised and easier to access. This means less data entry for you, as any contact along with their information will be stored in one place for you to use on any relevant jobs.

Customer contacts can be selected as site contacts

We have now also allowed for customer contacts to be selected as a site contact. Add contacts to a site without creating another duplicate.

Find duplicates with the help of the Duplicate Contacts Report

Contact management just got easier, because we have created a new report page to allow you to search for duplicate contacts.This report is called the Duplicate Contacts Report and allows you to group duplicates by email, name, position, department or mobile number and then search for the contact. All duplicates will be displayed and grouped by the chosen filter.

Tidy up your contact list

Tidy-up your contact list by merging multiple contacts into one record

So you can clear duplicated data, we are also giving you the option to manually merge contacts. You will be able to complete this by hovering over the People tab and selecting Contacts. Then select the one or more contacts you want to merge. Search for the contact you wish to merge these selections into, then click Merge in the dialogue box to complete the process.

Remember that details associated with the contact you choose to move other duplicate contact/s into will be the only details saved. So ensure you are merging any duplicates into a contact record that has all of the correct information.

Export a spreadsheet that contains all of your contacts from simPRO

Need to organise your business contacts in a spreadsheet? simPRO now allows you to export all contacts, or your search results, into a CSV file. Open your exported data in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program of your choice.

Upcoming development will allow for CRM and other integrations

Our developers have already started working on how we can leverage this new feature to support your business workflows. We anticipate that within the next few months, the simPRO API will allow you to use this feature for CRM and similar application integrations, including our Zapier integration, so you can take full advantage of the single database for Contacts.

Get started with the single database for Contacts

To get a better understanding of the full functionality of the single database for contacts, merging contacts and the Duplicate Contacts Report, head over to our Help Guide.

Show supplier part numbers when receipting orders

Previously when receipting your purchase orders, the simPRO part number would be displayed instead of the supplier part number making them more difficult to reconcile.

To save you and your team constantly cross referencing these numbers, from now on, when receipting supplier invoices you will be able to see the supplier part number for any stock listed on the invoice. The part number column will show the supplier part number instead of the catalogue part number, but when hovering your cursor over it you will see the catalogue part number appear (just in case you need to check!).

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.1.2 in our Help Guide.

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